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Summer 2024:

Well let’s see… Not as much to write about at this time. Sold the 1 ton truck.. yeah. “Gramps “ is getting some fixing.  We will use the Westward Ho Trailer for our family camping. And I have acquired a new trailer project. An Enclosed Trailer.

Spring 2024:

Lots happening this spring.. where do I start.  The Ponoka trailer was finished and sold in a week. The Jayco trailer is finished and sold in one day. I’ve just finished a third trailer I call the Westward Ho trailer. It’s a keeper for now. I’ve traded the two jeeps for a 1 ton truck. So they are gone. Here’s the link: Jeep Jeep Truck.  Yes I’m crazy. When the dust settled I’m left with a truck I call “Gramps”  Here’s the story  Gramps

Winter 23-24:

Jeeps are parked for now, and working on the Ponoka Trailer. Finished end of Febuary and now SOLD.  Going to start on the Jayco trailer frame.  Also SOLD my 2009 Avalanche.

Fall 2023:

I have a line up of winter projects.  Let’s start with a second Jeep a 1992 YJThe 95 Jeep is for sale.  For trailers I’m now working on the Ponoka Trailer.  and I have another smaller trailer frame from a Jayco tent trailer that I will be making a utility trailer out of

Summer 2023:

Summer is here ! And camping is coming up..  We decided to sell the now finished Surf Side trailer Now SOLD! and we bought a bit bigger 1994 21 ft Gulf Stream.  We have parked this trailer in BC..   Just don’t use it.  I have also bought a new trailer project.  I call it the Ponoka Trailer.  Check out that post .  Plus I have SOLD my ATV and used those funds to buy a 1995 Jeep YJ .

Spring 2023:

Spring is here ! And the work continues on the 1975 Surfside Trailer.

I SOLD the Vanguard boat !

Winter 2022 / 23:

Never a dull winter.  I bought a boat to work on Vanguard bow rider.  That should keep me out of trouble.  Also we were thinking about activities for next year.. and decided to try cycling again. This time with E Bikes.. Check that out.  Now I’m kicking the boat out of the garage to make room for the  1975 Surfside Trailer.

Fall 2022:

We are all settled in the new place.. I have had the time to organize and clean up the new garage.  SOLD the Kubota BX23S the 2005 Polaris the 2004 Polaris and the Honda scooter.  Found a good running quad to keep.  2013 Sportsman 500 .

Summer 2022:

Big changes for us..  We sold the house, and MOVING this summer to a new home in town.  That Prompted  another purge of things.  For the good.. there won’t be the room to park extra stuff any more.  Sold the yard trailer, the travel trailer, the boat and some other bulky stuff.

Spring 2022 :

Sure is nice to have the warmer weather back..  I sold the 2005 Avalanche.  And soon the bodywork will be done on the 2009 Avalanche.  I bought a 2004 Polaris 400 quad.. and it came with a parts one too. I plan to use the wiring harness to fix the 2005 Polaris 500.

Winter 2021-2022:

Brrrr.  December was chilly. Hard to keep the garage warm. Now it’s January and a bit warmer…  The Polaris 500 project is on hold waiting for an important part.  The Avalanche situation has changed..  I bought a third one !  2009 Avalanche.   So It’s now the 2003 I’ll pass along to Ben & Dee.  I’m in no hurry but I’ll sell the 2005.

It’s Fall 2021:

More or less settled in and I found out that the garage is keeping warm..  So yes I can work out there.  But.. first was the New Kitchen.  Then work on the New Bath  downstairs continued. And I did some yard work.. getting ready for winter. Also bought another Avalanche to fix up and pass on to my Son..  This winter I will be fixing up a quad..  2005 Polaris.

We Moved ! Summer 2021:

To Drumheller Alberta…  Closer to the kids.  My Garage is half the size of what I had..  So those big projects would not be happening.  We have an acre of rural property and that will be my project for a few years. Plus the home needs a few renovations. Like the basement Bathroom.  Hobbies and past times will be different.. such as ATVing.. I sold my RZR and the trailer to haul it.   Also the 1989 truck project is not coming here and was sold.  the Surf side trailer sold just before we moved.  And the 12 ft Kencraft boat SOLD before moving.  The money was used for a new Kubota BX23S tractor..  And a Southland 10ft dump trailer.  These are the new tools for the work I will be doing for the next few years.

Spring 2021:

Work on the 1989 Chevy  was started and is being finished by a friend.  Because I have no time !  We are moving…  THE MOVE

Winter 2020-2021:

Everything got kicked out of the shop in favor of my THIRD fiberglass trailer..  This will be the only winter project..

1976 triple e Surf side trailer  I also bought as a spring / summer project.. 1989 Chevy Flatdeck

Fall 2020:

Looking forward to the camping in Oct.  The Frontier will get some use.  Bought a new boat 12ft Kencraft.   Not a project.. good to be out on the water again.  Also a quick little project..  Folding Trailer.  Done and sold.  Also Check out the John Deere 1420 mower post.  Plus ! I’ve got a new small fiberglass trailer that needs some love.  Triple E Surfside.  Winter is coming and there is lots more time for working in the shop. Also squeezed in an old friend that was displaced this summer during clean up ..  Hiding for 9 years the Cub 60 Mower is in the shop

 Summer 2020:

What a year …  with having to stay home and travel very limited.  Work on things like the Frontier Motor Home  has been slow AND plans to use it have be put aside till this fall.  I did get a small trailer built for towing with the ATV..  Story HERE.  We did get to go camping this year with the family.. when we returned we put the Wanderer trailer up for sale and sold it within a day.  Also we sold the Buick and bought a 2012 Kia Soul..  Love it.   Bought a new travel trailer  2011 Fun Finder..  check out the story

Spring 2020:

The Acorn Trailer has been in the shop .. and it’s now to a Lock-up stage and will be coming out..  I listed it for sale and it’s SOLD.  The new Husqvarna mower..  needs the blades sharpened ( DONE). And the Frontier motor home.  is getting some love too.

Winter 2019- 2020:

The Frontier Van is put away for the winter..  and the shop was cleaned up.. My Kubota has been in there for a bit getting a service and readied for the winter.  Next on the list will be the Acorn Trailer.

Fall 2019:

I’ll be working on the 18′ flat deck trailer. Finished !  and some on the RZR800   Now sold..   BUT !  I bought a 1982 Frontier Van

Summer 2019:

New domain now… So I’ve got some catching up to do. Working on a new flat deck trailer..  And there’s been some changes in trailers and a new Avalanche for me.  Also I bought a second RZR .. 2008 RZR 800.. older one Just Cuz. And I sold my 2004 Chevy 2500.

Spring 2019:

I went back to work so not much time for projects.. The Acorn trailer will have to be stored till i can get back to it.. I’m modifying a trailer for my new ATV..  ATV trailer .  And I’ll be pimping out the ATV as well.  RZR570 .

Winter 2018-19

Still working on the Acorn trailer..  And I bought a new ATV  RZR570

Fall 2018:

Starting the Acorn Trailer Project.   And that will take all Winter

This fall I got to use the Frontier Camper that I mounted to a trailer frame..   worked great.projec  And I got to try out a side by side ATV..  800 Razor. Also I sold the LeSharo .  Also a small trailer project..Tilt Trailer.Old Tilt trailer

Summer 2018:

Not much going on..  However I am working on a new Scooby.. using a frame from wrecking out a trailer and the Frontier Camper..  Check it out

Spring 2018:

The Boler is done and gone to it’s new home.  I’ve acquired two lawn tractors and making them nice, will keep one for this year.  Also finish up the Frontier Camper and go camping .  Some other mowers have come to me and I’ll deal with them..  but not sure I’ll post them yet.  I did find another little trailer to restore this fall..  1979 Acorn.

Winter 2017 / 2018

The boler trailer is still the project in the shop.  But I also have acquired two truck campers.   A 1981 Frontier and a  1988 Bigfoot.  only the Bigfoot needs work.. this coming spring.

Fall 2017:

New winter project  1973 boler trailer

Summer 2017:

Sold the GT3000,  sold the Empress ,  And my Performer boat has also gone to a new home..   The Terra Jet is stored waiting for more time to work on that..  and the LaSharo  is getting a new motor very soon..  But it’s camping time..

With camping over I’m getting a few things done and starting some new stuff.  Like a new trailer project.   But mostly yard stuff.

Spring 2017:

The Terra Jet  project got put aside for servicing Tractors.  but will continue when there is time.  I also picked up where I left off on the Craftsman GT3000   I will need it soon for my grass.  Plus work will start on getting the Empress Motor Home ready for the season.. also I picked up another RV..  for a later project..   Winnebago LaSharo

Winter 2016:

This winter’s projects…

Starting work on the second terrajet that came with the first one, and the third one to make one good TJ. More work on the Raider 4×4.  And some putzing on a Craftsman GT300 tractor.

Fall 2016:

I have acquired a Emperess class C motor home. It needs some TLC. But I don’t want to keep it.  I have sold the mini truck and moved on..  and then I found this cool little 4×4 ..   check it out. 1987 Dodge Raider 4×4.

Summer 2016:

New Quad..  For Mo..   2005 Rally 200 And a second one for parts..  BUT I’m going to fix it   2003 Rally… Maybe. More work on the Carry mini truck.  Sold the Tracker and the Sidekick.. now I have a little Mini Truck…  And I’m doing some work on it..  check out the posts  Built a small trailer to use with the mini truckSmall tilt deck

Spring 2016:

Fixin a few lawn tractors , and working on the Argo 6×6 I got in a trade.

Winter 2015-2016..  

1990 Suzuki Sidekick.   sold
1991 GMC Tracker 4×4   9 pages   sold
As a reference I re-posted the 1989 Tracker project from 2007.  And I was given this 1996 Sidekick , but had to pass it on.

Fall 2015:

New RV for us.. Bigger Better..
Challenger Fifth Wheel

Summer 2015:

Work is finshed on the Travel-Mate fifth wheel trailer.. and it went camping.  And sold to my Nephew
Picked up a third Terra Jet as a future project
JIGER the New 6×6 AATV..  older than the Bazoo
Another new truck for me. 2004 Chevy 2500 HD
New/ old truck…  1994 Chev

Winter  2014 – 2015:

Terra Jet Project   6 pages

Kubota B2400  tractor… Now SOLD

New RV… Travelmate   and the rebuild post  HERE

Summer 2014:

Polaris 300  SOLD Bought New Polaris 400 quad Avalanche sold,  new truck ,  Ram 1500

Bazoo Sold ..and gone now Check out the Group Camping Post  A few new things :   1995 polaris 4×4 ATV    and a Backhoe attachment for my Kubota

Click Here for the Bazoo AATV Project  Now SOLD

However it may end up as parts for the Performer Seven Seas Plus I acquired a new utility Trailer bigger better. Tandem Trailer working on that …weather permitting…  Also it’s Tractor time..  and I did a little fixing & maintenance to the Kubota 1850 .

The other Projects I’ve worked on this Winter 2013 – 14 :

Red Yamaha CV 70 Scooter

White Yamaha CV 70 Scooter

1998 Polaris Sportsman 500

Bazoo AATV