Jeep, Jeep, Truck ! & Gramps

May 15 2024

I traded the two Jeeps for a truck..

It seamed there was no way I was going to deal with the Jeeps.. I tried selling the 95 with no luck. And now my Son is moving away. So I put both up for sale this spring, Two for one. Not a lot of interest in two broken Jeeps. Till this guy made me an offer.  Trade the two for his 1996 1 ton diesel dually truck.  My first reaction was no..  but then I thought if I don’t like the truck I have only one thing to sell not two.  And he was willing to deliver the truck and take away the two Jeeps in one go.  So I said ok let’s do it.

And this is what he used ! A three vehicle hauler.  The truck runs and drives … and the Jeeps made it on to the trailer.  Bye Bye Jeeps.  Here’s a short video..

Well what I did not say in the video was my indecision about whether or not I would keep it.  So after driving it around for a few days ( which the truck did willingly) I got to know how I felt. And got to know more about the condition of the truck.

This is where the concerns are. Under the hood. Let’s talk about that.  I did take the truck to the mechanic for an overall mechanical assessment. And this is the low down.. The motor is the only problem on the truck. And that is no surprise given it’s age.  Leaking oil and coolant, and blow by in the crankcase.  All signs of a somewhat wore out motor. It’s starts fine and runs good, but things are near end of life.  And for me I want reliability. Also to fix all the leaks would be costly, mechanic’s opinion not worth it.  Now if you add to that the condition of the body, badly rusted rockers and doors. Well it’s just a money pit for me.  Plus It’s loud, rough ride… generally a beast !  I’ve put it up for sale. Just not the truck for me. Update !  After many weeks I have finally sold the Diesel 1 ton.  Now I can put my efforts toward this nice truck…

This is the truck for me …

Yes same colour… Let me introduce to you the 1993 Chevy OBS 1500, 350 V8, auto 2wd. I’m calling it “Gramps”.  Because that’s who drove it since new.  Only 200,000 kms on the ODO !  Rare for Alberta.  It was passed on to the 19 year old kid who wanted a car not a  “gram pa” truck.  It popped up on my radar as I was seeing what a good price for the 1 ton would be.  And your not going to believe this but the young fella was coming to Drumheller to look at a car he wanted.  Well…  Here’s chance to see the truck and if it’s as good as claimed and in the pictures, I’ll make a deal.  I did !  And here is a quick Video :

Yes the paint is bad… always in those years.  Only one rusted part on the right rear rocker. Everything works except the A/C and drives great.  In fact my Son and I are using it for dump runs and for him to drive while his truck is in the shop. This post will continue about this truck and the plans for it.  Needs a good cleaning and I will get an inspection done as well.

The rear end of the truck.  Most of the things wrong are cosmetic.  Like the Chevrolet panel. Where you see brown is the dirt stuck to the leftover adhesive when the stick on letters fall off. The hitch is not the factory one It’s better I never checked but I bet those license plate lights work. The latch works ! and still has the bezel trim.

This is common on these trucks. If that chrome hasn’t started to peel off yet …it will soon. Like I said mostly cosmetic. Mechanically..  needs a wheel alignment, new plugs and new filters. I’m sure I’ll find more but that’s where we are. In the meantime I am collecting things for improving Gramps.  The new mirrors I ordered for the 1 ton will now go on Gramps.

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

I have installed these before on the 94 K2500 I had years back.  They are not power, but they pull out to be extended for trailer towing.  A very popular after market item and reasonable price too.  Also I have new lenses and LED bulbs for the dome light.  Oh and a set of window visors for an extra cab that will be nice to have. Allows the windows to be open a bit without the worry of rain getting in. And now I liberated these floor mats from the 1 ton.

I just cleaned them up.  The ones from Gramps can replace these.

Ok I got Gramps back from my son..  I took it to the car wash and gave the box a good blast. I also washed in the wheel wells. It’s now in the garage ready for some serious cleaning..  New post for that.

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