1995 Jeep Page 3

Aug 18 2023

More work to do !

Parts for the doors arrived today.

Except the gaskets and window channels.  The Jeep is ready to go to the shop in two days.  so I’m picking away at the doors.  I removed everything except the window regulator. Those four Philips screws will not budge.  There’s no repairs needed so I’ll leave well enough alone.

Same with the hinges.  Not going to chance damaging the torx bolts. The hinges get the red paint anyway. After washing the mud out and doing a few repairs I have started the painting.  Satin black for the door frames.

Sampled the regal red from the spray can… not thinking it’s dark enough.  But we’ll let it dry and see.

The Jeep is off to the shop now..  and another thing we’ll see is what they find wrong..  That was the longest drive today..  and I have some thoughts.. I think the clutch needs adjusting.  Wanders a bit on the road .  So maybe a wheel alignment.  Well it turns out that there is lots wrong !  The transmission has NO 4th and 5th gears.  That’s bad.  One front bearing needs replacing.  The power steering is leaking because it was poorly installed and buggered up..  So that needs to be replaced..  And of coarse we knew about the exhaust system..   And lets ad to that a new front window and a new rear window… The cost is starting to get crazy.  However I have been told by “Jeep guys’ that a fixed up Jeeps are worth it.  And the only thing that would halt spending money on the Jeep would be a rusted out frame.  So we shall keep on with it…

Back to the doors…  with the extra room in the shop I started working on the driver’s door.  Welding the cracks that all Jeep doors apparently have, and fixing the rust. Then this happened !

Tap tap with the body hammer and a rusty spot became a holey spot.  No worries I’ve welded a new plate on there. And the doors have the new paint on the parts where gaskets go.  I finally made a new video..

And this reveals the plan to sell this Jeep and  switch to the 1992 Jeep.

So let’s have a look and talk about the second Jeep. A few years older (92), but it’s in very good condition.. But most of all it’s 99% factory original.  With the only modification being the popular manual 4×4 axle engagement.  Best of all it comes with a full soft top (that I wanted), half doors (which I also like ) and it’s an automatic, which I very much like.   Sneak peak…

This one cost less than the 95 YJ..  It runs and drives.  It too has almost new tires.   A/C, trailer hitch and the spare tire mount I wanted.

The body has rust holes, and there are some leaks to fix and some electrical stuff.  Not lifted !  The good old 4 L inline six too. Runs great !

That Bra is ratty and is coming off.  As you can see the windshield frame is rusty so the new window frame and glass will go on here.  This is the Jeep I should have bought first time.. but it wasn’t for sale then.  So I will correct that by selling the 95.  By the way does this photo look familiar ?

Ya..  This is the year of YJ Jeep they used.. Those are the factory rims painted red.  Interesting I live in Drumheller. Don’t worry  I’m not thinking of that paint scheme.  It’s just a white Jeep with a blue splash.  Quite likely it will stay that way.

Enough about the new Jeep..  It will get it’s own post here:

1992 Jeep YJ Wrangler:

Back to the 1995 Jeep..  Well work on the doors is complete, and they are back on the jeep. Next up is the Jeep front window switch-a-roo.  And because it involves both Jeeps and it’s own unique work it warrants a new post:   Jeep Window Post

Jeep Front Windows :

I’ll get back to the 95 Jeep after the window fiasco.  The plans are to install the back painted window on this Jeep and the top back on . See what the newer wheels and tires will look like on the 92.  Not sure yet what other bits we will transfer over.  And the debate over which jeep is best also continues..  That means there is a lull in the work..  However I am fixing the power steering leak.

Done ! Now this Jeep can live outside for now.