1988 12 ft flat deck Trailer P2

July 31 2023

My favorite part..  Makin plans !

The big change will be the sides. Instead of 2 ft high removable ( and floppy) sides with heavy planks.  Which reminds me … I took 500 lbs of rotten wood to the landfill today, from the trailer.  YES I have to put the deck back.. But it won’t weigh that much.  Oh ya… sides..  I’m going to have welded 12 ” high sides. The same height as the fenders.  Just like this:

This was an 18 ft trailer I built from an old travel trailer. This is what I like ..  Adds strength to the frame. And I think the new trailer suits this better than tall sides.  Then we need a wind gate or ramp, tail gate.. call it what you want..  Look at the 12 ft ATV trailer I bought new, had a great one.  It hinged 190 degrees to lay flat on the deck for when you traveled empty.

This worked !  Bye the way we like to call these wind gates because the mesh lets the wind pass through. Ya !  Notice this trailer had the low rails too.  I never thought they had to be higher.   These are tried and tested things that I know work well.

I’m starting to collect the parts and pieces I need for this trailer build.  One other big thing this trailer needs is new tires.

Those are winter car tires on there !  Nope..  Not sure I want to explain why trailer tires are better on a trailer ..  Lets just do the right thing shall we.  Now these 15 ” tires take up a lot of room in the fenders.  I’m concerned they will rub if you put weight in the trailer.  Soooo I have ordered a whole new set (five so I have a good spare) of 14 ” wheels and tires, with galvanized spoke rims.  That should work good and look good too.  The tongue of the trailer is quite long.. It adds a woppin 66″ ( 5-1/2 ft) to the length of the trailer.  Making it 17- 1/2 ft from hitch to bumper.

That’s a lot of extra space!  I’m wanting to claim a bit of that for more deck space.  20 ” more to be exact.   The box you see ( in the correct position) will be right in front of the extended deck, and will hold the winch, battery charger. And if the battery fits too , great !  Otherwise I will make a battery holder in front.. My 6 ft ruler marks the front of the deck. There’s lot’s of room. Plus I’ll get a different jack and move it to the mounting hole in the new A frame hitch.

Today the new wheels arrived ! They are going to look very sharp with the color I have now decided on.

These are 205/75R /14  Radial trailer tires with a 1680 lb load range C- rating.  That’s 6720 lbs for the 4 tires.  The axles and springs are rated for 7000 lbs.  The trailer weighed in at approximately 1900 lbs BEFORE I removed the 500 lbs of wood… so a good guess for the finished weight would be in the 1700 lb + or- a bit.  That puts how much you can load the trailer is 5000 lbs.  COOL !   Good trailer..

Now did I say something about color ?   Yes ..  I’ve put a lot of thought into that subject. And I want it to be classy. I have settled on a dark red.  Tremclad has a red called “Regal Red” and I like it..  Plus I can buy it right here in town.

Here’s a swatch.  All the ideas are falling in to place and I haven’t found a reason to change anything yet..   Except ! As a bonus I was digging through my stashes and I found an A frame jack.  In working order.. but it’s missing the foot.  I need to make a foot for the travel trailer too..  so I can later.

So I cleaned and greased it and gave it a paint job.  Works perfectly !

I’ve found a source for a bit of metal.  Good trailer building metal. Some angle iron and 2 ” square tube.  But I need to go get it an hour away.  Therefore I need the new trailer… so I wired up some temporary (but new) lights

And I installed the new wheels.

To go down one size to a 14″ wheel was a good choice.  I now have a comfortable amount of clearance in the fenders  AND it only lowered the trailer by 1- 1/2 ” .  And that’s okay !  I got to test the new wheels out !  Went to Just north of Calgary to but some good useful steel .

This trailer was proving it’s usefulness … carrying 20 ft lengths of angle and 2″ square and one 3″ c- channel.    No problems !  So the trailer is in the shop, and I’ve got lots of metal to work with.  Between the trailer and the 20ft metal there’s not a lot of room to get around.  I’m going to move the lift table over a foot and a bit. That should help..  Plus I’ll cut the metal into the sizes I need and the rest I’ll cut in half for storing .  And then the building will start after the Jeeps are out of the shop.  SOON.

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