1994 Jayco Trailer Page 3

April 4 2024

Decking time !

I’ll be using the 5/4 x 6 treated decking boards for the deck.

And the sides too.  You can see all the custom cut stakes I made for the sides.  And here’s another video:

Now here’s what makes the blue paint work better… light grey stain on all the boards.

The deck boards don’t need this but the look of the trailer does.

Am I right ?  I think so..  Then the deck got the same stain.

Now it’s time to build a tailgate.  With more of the boards to finish it off too.

And here’s a ” show off ” photo.

And the “show off ”  Video.

Nice EH !  I must have done this one right… because I SOLD it the same day I listed it for sale… FOR full price.