1992 Jeep YJ Wrangler Page 2

Sept 29 2023

Not planed… Was hoping to do some of this later !

But work is starting early on the dash and things around it.  This has to be done to install the new window hinges.  There is nuts on the back of the lower hinge bolts, behind the dash !


For a day I’ll be cleaning the dust & dirt.  I have to admit that this work will be easier without stuff in the way.  The steering wheel will have to come off so I can get the metal dash back out.

As you can see it’s got some rust and needs a paint job.  I made a video about the process .

As I take things apart I’m testing , poking and prodding.  I’ve ordered up a few new things like 4×6 speakers. Way easier to install those while the dash is apart. The same goes for new LED lighting for the gauges. But first is that cleaning…  Badly needed !

Let’s make this the before photo.  Yup it’s dirty..

And the after… less dirty   Checked a lot of the wiring and found no issues.  Lubricated the three heater cables.  Cleaned the contacts & plugs.  Plus I mounted the new hinges.  I needed to understand where the grounds were, the illumination wires and stereo wires.

I like the new allan head bolts.  Used locking nuts and washers so I won’t have to worry.  Also started the painting on the dash backing plate.

And then I found a new set of speakers in one of my bins.  So I guess I’m going with four speakers !  Nothing wrong with that.  I ordered an interesting stereo for the Jeep.

Car audio is mostly the same these days, all digital. no cd’s, no cassettes.  This one I liked because it has a clock and the temperature.  AM / FM , USB and SD card. What more do we need these days. It’s good that the wiring is in place behind the dash for rear speakers for a four speaker system.  The factory “Jeep’ stereo did too but only used two, The Jeep stereo has seen better times.

Past due for the upgrade.  So onward I go with some extra wiring.  Easy to do now rather than later.  I ran the speaker wires to the back, and made up two LED courtesy lights for under each side of the dash.  I’m using the blank place where the rear window wiper and defrost switches would be.  And installing these !

Thinking ahead here..  The horn is my OOGAA  horn that I’ve used on my ATV in parades.  What the heck  .. why not.  I have a pair of small LED light bars for when I build a new bumper.  And of coarse a winch at some point too.  All pre-wired now, but the OOGAA horn is installed.

It’s like this spot on top of the fender was made for it.  And now the new window is on the Jeep too.

As soon as some more bits and pieces arrive I can finish the dash.  It’s looking good so far..  The repaint is nice and the new speakers too !

The dash is complete now..  Everything went back together properly with only the frustration of using the Phillips head screws !

New stereo fits like it was always there.  Same goes for my new switches where there was a blank spot.

New and improved night time lighting for all the gauges.  And now it’s time to button the roof back up and sell the 95 Jeep.  This Jeep will go to the shop and have a few things done.  All done for now..  It will be months before I get back to the Jeep.

Change of the plan:

Just a little bit..   I need to work on the Ponoka Trailer and sell it to help with the costs involved with the 92 jeep.  The 95 is not selling.  So the 92 is parked out side for the winter.  Any work will wait for now.  I did find a way to insure it so I can transfer and plate it.  And this is without it passing an inspection.  That was great news. I can now take all the time I want to get this jeep back on the road. It’s tucked up beside the house for the winter.  Plans are going to change by spring .. you know it.