1988 12 ft Flatdeck Trailer P8

Feb 25 2024

The finishing touches !

Yup home stretch..  finish the deck just need to paint the tailgate. Here’s what we have so far..

What’s with the landscape ties you ask?  The 3 ” of extra lift means the axles clear the lift table.. Yes it’s hiding under there.

Pardon the wide angle shots. That’s how I can get the trailer in the photo.  One more…

Impressive !  Too bad I’m selling it soon. but I have no need for this size of trailer, nor the space to park it.  On to the tailgate… It’s all painted now AND the trailer is listed for sale. May take awhile for the right buyer..  Meanwhile I’ve remounted the tailgate.

Just a bit fancy, but following the theme for the trailer.  It’s easier the spray paint the mesh, and I had a can of aluminum.

Nice big grab handles.  The trailer is still 3 ” off the ground because of the lift table. It will be interesting to see how a 36″ ramp works for angle once the trailer is sitting properly on the ground.


And lastly a look at my latches and the shackles to keep the hinge pin from popping out when you use just a handle on one side.  And of coarse you would do that.  now we can say DONE ! Here’s a final video:

It’s staying inside for now because winter is once again happening.  Plus we are waiting for a buyer.

And one week later…  SOLD !