Cleaning Gramps Page 2

May 24 2024

Time to give Gramps some love…

And what I mean is cleaning the interior. Looks to me like no one has done that for thirty years. The first thing I cleaned was the doors and the dash.  I still need to use the Bissel on the door fuzzy parts.

This is a huge improvement..   trust me on that.  My cleaner is quite powerful so I have to remind myself to be careful.  I didn’t mean to but I erased the symbols on the light switch.

Don’t ask what that toggle switch is for cause I don’t know… YET.  But now that there are no seats in the way…

It would be easier to get under the dash to find that remote start crap.  Yes I removed the seats …Easy to clean the carpet and the seats this way.  And let this be the “before” photo. Oh and now that we have easy access I was curious about the tool box.

Sure Nuff.. There’s all the dusty tools like they’ve never been touched.. Amazing !  I also found 4 quarters in the door pocket..  There’s a buck towards some new parts.  Dusty seams to be the theme here.  The motor and area is not greasy but very dusty.

Really dusty !  Today I dropped my 10 mm wrench down inside the door.  So I had to remove the door panel to get it.  Dusty everywhere.  And if that’s the worst, then we are good.  Here’s two photos after I cleaned the carpet and the seats.

The back seat is quite nice now..

Don’t mind those wires..  They are leftovers from removing the command start system.  I did not get any fobs for that..  So this mess goes in the garbage. 

Those wires are the 12 volt hot , the 12 volt acc and the ground.  As soon as I put the battery back I’ll test to confirm that.. Maybe could use them somewhere.  Next is a under the hood bath.

And here’s a “after” photo.  quite the improvement.  I have one small thing that needs attention. The battery terminal clamps.  They are old and rusty, and well just wrong. I fix !  And that is all the cleaning for now.

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