Westward Ho Trailer Page 3

May 3 2024

Decking time !

Also the side walls too.

Before I could attach these walls I had to drill thousands of holes and counter sink them along the top rail. You can see them peeking over the top.  Took me days and many small drill bits.

However the outside deck boards had to go on first.  The wall boards attach to those.. It’s like a big puzzle !  Video for proof..

The deck boards get bolted down with carrage bolts… lots of them.

Then it was time to get the gates installed and working.  YES… this is how it’s done and they swing wide to the side and also latch there.

I know missing a tooth..  Had to buy one more board to finish.  I painted all the wood screws so it wouldn’t look weird.  Install the jack and wheels and put this puppy on it’s feet.

I also installed the box and locked the keys in it..  How embarrassing ! That’s a very secure box .. I know. Had to cut the hasp and buy a new one.  I also water sealed all the wood. Hard to tell because it did not change to look.

On the next nice day ( because I didn’t want it dirty YET ) I took it for a spin up to the highway scales.

It weighed in at 800 lbs. Not surprised she’s a big trailer.  Had a few things to adjust like the latches for the gates. and the right side bearing needed one more turn on the nut. Tows great which is good cuz in a week it’s going on a 4 + hour drive north to move my Son.  Then it will be going to BC for our yearly camping.  Kayaks on top !

May 29 2024

Did the trip north, loaded up with lots of stuff.  No issues at all.  Just a little dusty.  We are good for the big trip in a month.