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70’s Enclosed Trailer Intro

June 2024

Something different this time…

This was an old U-Haul rental trailer that somehow found it’s way on to a farm not far from home.  And I found it in an estate sale.  I’m told it’s been sitting here for many many years.  Yup I’ll agree with that.  The tires are shot so it’s not going home with me today.  Price reflected the sad condition, and it still solid except for the plywood.

These are the only photos I have for now..  I need to go back and load it on a trailer to get it home.  He needs to clean out his stuff stored in there.  By the way that stuff is dry !  Yes the roof is in good condition. This will be a fun and different project.

Fix’n Stuff Gramps Page 3

This Post will be about the fix’n and Plans .

Gramps does not need much.  I’m driving the truck just the way it is.. BUT there are some stuff to do.  The first thing is to make an appointment with my shop to have a look for problems and to adjust the idle.  Also I will get them to do a wheel alignment. There’s sure to be a list.  One of the biggest things for me is the paint.  It’s missing in a lot of places, and that could mean rust will happen.  I really like the blue factory paint. It makes me happy like the blue colour of my ATV.  So it’s a keeper for when that happens.

I’m not sure about the black lower part..  But it does look good.

June 4 2024

Today I picked up a nice canopy from a nice person for Gramps.  I had to drive a few hours to get it.. That was the most I’ve driven the truck..

White is a good fit and so is this canopy.  It will stay on for the summer.  After that 4 hr drive I now know more about the truck, so I have a list of things needing attention.  As well as the inspection, here’s my thoughts:  Wheel alignment..  wanders on the road more than it should.  Rough idling… The motor feels like it stumbles at idle.  Cruise Control..   Yup it’s should be working.  A/C .. yup that could be handy.. I believe a recharge will fix that.  Fan speed... medium speed is not working. Will have to see what’s up there.  Replace Multi Function Switch… Got a new one.. And it may fix the cruise.. Horn !  Needs fixing.  Dash & Cluster…I have a new headlight switch to install and all the bezel needs a good cleaning. Also I will replace any bulbs that are out.  That’s enough for now..

Update:   Now that the truck has had it’s assessment we know the answers.  A few surprises,  but overall good news.  Got a list from the mechanic and the costs.  Adds up to just under $2000.  So the plan is to have some stuff done now and some later.  Here’s whats getting fixed first.

  1. Rear Brakes.  The shoes are bad and both brake cylinders leak as well as a leak in the line that crosses the rear axle.
  2. Spark Plugs & Distributor Cap. I suspected this could be the cause of the rough idle. A good thing to do anyway.
  3. Oil Pressure Sender.  The gauge goes up and down.  So let’s make sure this is not the issue.
  4. Fuel Filter.  It’s old so let’s just do this while on the hoist.
  5. Wheel Alignment. There was some wandering and pulling on the steering …this should fix that.
  6. Oil Change & Air Filter.  Want this done anyway.

Here’s what is getting fixed later this summer:

  1. Intake Manifold Gasket.  Possible leak of the coolant here.  The motor will be happy.
  2. Power Steering Pump.  Leaking and this may help the steering problems too.

So we will see how this works out…  Now there is a few more things that need attention.  The shocks are older.  And of coarse there are a few electrical things to fix.. I will gladly do those. That’s my thing ! So by the end of summer I should have a reliable good running and driving truck.  Ready for the cosmetic stuff.


Cleaning Gramps Page 2

May 24 2024

Time to give Gramps some love…

And what I mean is cleaning the interior. Looks to me like no one has done that for thirty years. The first thing I cleaned was the doors and the dash.  I still need to use the Bissel on the door fuzzy parts.

This is a huge improvement..   trust me on that.  My cleaner is quite powerful so I have to remind myself to be careful.  I didn’t mean to but I erased the symbols on the light switch.

Don’t ask what that toggle switch is for cause I don’t know… YET.  But now that there are no seats in the way…

It would be easier to get under the dash to find that remote start crap.  Yes I removed the seats …Easy to clean the carpet and the seats this way.  And let this be the “before” photo. Oh and now that we have easy access I was curious about the tool box.

Sure Nuff.. There’s all the dusty tools like they’ve never been touched.. Amazing !  I also found 4 quarters in the door pocket..  There’s a buck towards some new parts.  Dusty seams to be the theme here.  The motor and area is not greasy but very dusty.

Really dusty !  Today I dropped my 10 mm wrench down inside the door.  So I had to remove the door panel to get it.  Dusty everywhere.  And if that’s the worst, then we are good.  Here’s two photos after I cleaned the carpet and the seats.

The back seat is quite nice now..

Don’t mind those wires..  They are leftovers from removing the command start system.  I did not get any fobs for that..  So this mess goes in the garbage. 

Those wires are the 12 volt hot , the 12 volt acc and the ground.  As soon as I put the battery back I’ll test to confirm that.. Maybe could use them somewhere.  Next is a under the hood bath.

And here’s a “after” photo.  quite the improvement.  I have one small thing that needs attention. The battery terminal clamps.  They are old and rusty, and well just wrong. I fix !  And that is all the cleaning for now.

Page 3 Fix’n Stuff

Jeep, Jeep, Truck ! & Gramps

May 15 2024

I traded the two Jeeps for a truck..

It seamed there was no way I was going to deal with the Jeeps.. I tried selling the 95 with no luck. And now my Son is moving away. So I put both up for sale this spring, Two for one. Not a lot of interest in two broken Jeeps. Till this guy made me an offer.  Trade the two for his 1996 1 ton diesel dually truck.  My first reaction was no..  but then I thought if I don’t like the truck I have only one thing to sell not two.  And he was willing to deliver the truck and take away the two Jeeps in one go.  So I said ok let’s do it.

And this is what he used ! A three vehicle hauler.  The truck runs and drives … and the Jeeps made it on to the trailer.  Bye Bye Jeeps.  Here’s a short video..

Well what I did not say in the video was my indecision about whether or not I would keep it.  So after driving it around for a few days ( which the truck did willingly) I got to know how I felt. And got to know more about the condition of the truck.

This is where the concerns are. Under the hood. Let’s talk about that.  I did take the truck to the mechanic for an overall mechanical assessment. And this is the low down.. The motor is the only problem on the truck. And that is no surprise given it’s age.  Leaking oil and coolant, and blow by in the crankcase.  All signs of a somewhat wore out motor. It’s starts fine and runs good, but things are near end of life.  And for me I want reliability. Also to fix all the leaks would be costly, mechanic’s opinion not worth it.  Now if you add to that the condition of the body, badly rusted rockers and doors. Well it’s just a money pit for me.  Plus It’s loud, rough ride… generally a beast !  I’ve put it up for sale. Just not the truck for me. Update !  After many weeks I have finally sold the Diesel 1 ton.  Now I can put my efforts toward this nice truck…

This is the truck for me …

Yes same colour… Let me introduce to you the 1993 Chevy OBS 1500, 350 V8, auto 2wd. I’m calling it “Gramps”.  Because that’s who drove it since new.  Only 200,000 kms on the ODO !  Rare for Alberta.  It was passed on to the 19 year old kid who wanted a car not a  “gram pa” truck.  It popped up on my radar as I was seeing what a good price for the 1 ton would be.  And your not going to believe this but the young fella was coming to Drumheller to look at a car he wanted.  Well…  Here’s chance to see the truck and if it’s as good as claimed and in the pictures, I’ll make a deal.  I did !  And here is a quick Video :

Yes the paint is bad… always in those years.  Only one rusted part on the right rear rocker. Everything works except the A/C and drives great.  In fact my Son and I are using it for dump runs and for him to drive while his truck is in the shop. This post will continue about this truck and the plans for it.  Needs a good cleaning and I will get an inspection done as well.

The rear end of the truck.  Most of the things wrong are cosmetic.  Like the Chevrolet panel. Where you see brown is the dirt stuck to the leftover adhesive when the stick on letters fall off. The hitch is not the factory one It’s better I never checked but I bet those license plate lights work. The latch works ! and still has the bezel trim.

This is common on these trucks. If that chrome hasn’t started to peel off yet …it will soon. Like I said mostly cosmetic. Mechanically..  needs a wheel alignment, new plugs and new filters. I’m sure I’ll find more but that’s where we are. In the meantime I am collecting things for improving Gramps.  The new mirrors I ordered for the 1 ton will now go on Gramps.

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

I have installed these before on the 94 K2500 I had years back.  They are not power, but they pull out to be extended for trailer towing.  A very popular after market item and reasonable price too.  Also I have new lenses and LED bulbs for the dome light.  Oh and a set of window visors for an extra cab that will be nice to have. Allows the windows to be open a bit without the worry of rain getting in. And now I liberated these floor mats from the 1 ton.

I just cleaned them up.  The ones from Gramps can replace these.

Ok I got Gramps back from my son..  I took it to the car wash and gave the box a good blast. I also washed in the wheel wells. It’s now in the garage ready for some serious cleaning..  New post for that.

Page 2- A Bath

Westward Ho Trailer Page 3

May 3 2024

Decking time !

Also the side walls too.

Before I could attach these walls I had to drill thousands of holes and counter sink them along the top rail. You can see them peeking over the top.  Took me days and many small drill bits.

However the outside deck boards had to go on first.  The wall boards attach to those.. It’s like a big puzzle !  Video for proof..

The deck boards get bolted down with carrage bolts… lots of them.

Then it was time to get the gates installed and working.  YES… this is how it’s done and they swing wide to the side and also latch there.

I know missing a tooth..  Had to buy one more board to finish.  I painted all the wood screws so it wouldn’t look weird.  Install the jack and wheels and put this puppy on it’s feet.

I also installed the box and locked the keys in it..  How embarrassing ! That’s a very secure box .. I know. Had to cut the hasp and buy a new one.  I also water sealed all the wood. Hard to tell because it did not change to look.

On the next nice day ( because I didn’t want it dirty YET ) I took it for a spin up to the highway scales.

It weighed in at 800 lbs. Not surprised she’s a big trailer.  Had a few things to adjust like the latches for the gates. and the right side bearing needed one more turn on the nut. Tows great which is good cuz in a week it’s going on a 4 + hour drive north to move my Son.  Then it will be going to BC for our yearly camping.  Kayaks on top !

May 29 2024

Did the trip north, loaded up with lots of stuff.  No issues at all.  Just a little dusty.  We are good for the big trip in a month.


The Westward Ho trailer Page 2

April 11 2024

Onward Ho !

I now have the new fenders. Good thing because test fitting showed a problem.

They were too low so I had to add another piece of angle on top to bring them up. No worries easy fix. I made lots of short videos with the updates, here’s the latest one:

I now could build the two gates for the back.  and I picked up the new metal to do so..

Here’s the test fit, making sure there is enough gaps .  I also made some things like the spare tire holder.

This should be the ticket, nice and strong.  Also the new coupler was installed.

Bolted and welded ! New safety chains also installed.  Almost ready for paint.

This is one of the four hinges I’m using.  Very strong and greasable !  Paint time !

Just like that ( took a few hours) it’s all red.  Black under the fenders.  I’ll do two coats. And made a video :

Wiring is next.  You get to see those nice LED lights the same ones I used on the Jayco trailer.

Isn’t this great tucked away but very easy to see.  The wiring runs in the gap to the front where it goes inside the frame tube to the very front.

Where they appear and become the 4 pin plug.  Works perfectly!  and here’s proof…

The penny lights that go on the fenders are plug in because they poke in from the outside. and with this milestone it’s time for a new page.

Page 3


The Westward Ho trailer

March 20 2024

Introduction to the New Trailer Project.

Another tent trailer frame..  This time I don’t have to deal with the body.  So Let’s start with a video:

It was only in the garage for a bit. I was still working on the Jayco trailer.  However after the Jayco was sold I wasted no time in starting on this trailer.  So let’s move on to that.

March 31 2024

Okay it’s on the lift and just like before out comes the cutting disc.  Not removing the axle, just the wheels. New wheels are on order.

Most of the unwanted stuff has been removed, or cut through.  Ready to flip over and finish the cuts.  I’m not thinking too many folks do this step.  For sure not on a big trailer.  This one is at the top of the weight that we can flip.

Belly up !   Well look at that no paint on the bottom.. The lift table will be pushed back under and up she goes.

Two new cross pieces welded in and the axle and the underside painted.  The label on the axle says 1800 lbs, but those spindles are 3500lb ones.  Hmmm.  New video about that.

And also talked about was my custom colour, dark red.  Oh and the new wheels are here.

So fancy !  These are a great deal from Princess Auto. Time to flip the frame over.

As you can see I did install those hubs and they fit perfectly.  I’m now adding the new bits of steel back on, like the fender supports. I’m doing a bit of planing as I go here.

Using some of the old metal left over from the Ponoka trailer.  I wont have much extra metal left after I’m done.  Here’s the latest video..

Like I said planing and changing things as I go..  Lot’s  to do before the paint.

And this is what I decided to do for a rear bumper.  The taillights are recessed in here so they are protected.  It all makes good sense when I’m done.

This photo shows how I finished off the front corners. Holes for the penny lights too. Here’s a video that talks about how the rails will go :

And let’s do it !

Starting to build the railings. Decided on 18 ” high, seams plenty. This is were weight gets added but also strength too.

Here we have the sides done. I’ll be adding one more upright post in the middle.  It’s really taking shape now.  Time for a new page as work continues.

Page 2



1994 Jayco Trailer Page 3

April 4 2024

Decking time !

I’ll be using the 5/4 x 6 treated decking boards for the deck.

And the sides too.  You can see all the custom cut stakes I made for the sides.  And here’s another video:

Now here’s what makes the blue paint work better… light grey stain on all the boards.

The deck boards don’t need this but the look of the trailer does.

Am I right ?  I think so..  Then the deck got the same stain.

Now it’s time to build a tailgate.  With more of the boards to finish it off too.

And here’s a ” show off ” photo.

And the “show off ”  Video.

Nice EH !  I must have done this one right… because I SOLD it the same day I listed it for sale… FOR full price.

1994 Jayco Trailer Page 2

March 11 2024

Here’s what I’m thinking :

I’ll build a nice sturdy utility trailer. The size will be 8 ft long and 58″ wide. With a pressure treated wood deck.  Here’s a new video talking about the change:

So with that it’s time to get to work !  The new wheels and the fenders came.

Yup this will work out better.  Don’t have to change the hubs and I can toss those  8 ” wheels now.

Here’s the jack I will use with this trailer. It will be a light trailer so chances are you will just lift it to hook up, but the wheel will be handy. Alrighty… let’s modify the frame to my vision.  Break out the cutting disc and then the welder.

That’s a good start.  You can see the difference already.  The bumper gets a trim and we have a bit of fanciness to make happen.  Here’s video :


Like this treatment for the end of the bumper.  The hole is for the light.  There’s more..

I’m doing this front and back of the fender mounts. You’ll see later why.

And this at the front corner …  Oh by the way those stack pockets are mine and I will be using them.  Time to flip the frame over .  Here’s a video:

And we are flipped.

A bit of welding here and trim some unneeded  bits.  Paint the axle and the underside of the frame.

Yes ! that’s blue. I had this in my paint cupboard for the boat trailer that I sold before painting. So why not.  I promise it will look good in the end. That’s all done so I flipped the frame back over to the right side up.

Now I can add the “stickem up” bits and the filler bits that finish off the frame.  This piece will hold the taillights and the latches for the tailgate.  Let’s paint !

Poof Painted..  And notice the extra mounts for the fenders.  Another video :

We are now ready for the lights and wiring..  I should mention that I painted the safety chains and the decision to put the spare up front instead of a box.

There’s that done and as you can see tested too !  Even I’m impressed..

Let’s not forget the wheels and fenders.  I think it’s time for a new post for the decking and finishing.

Page 3


Many trailer projects #3

Feb 21 2024

Yes There’s more !

We will now be in my new garage… bigger better. and newer.

#17:  Triple E Surfside. Fall of 2022.  Once again I’ve got my hands on a small fiberglass trailer, another Surf Side. This time it cost me a bit to buy it but it was road worthy and in good condition… just not up to my standards.


Read the post and you will get the whole story.  Safe to say a complete make over.  I prefer these to a Boler because the fiberglass shell wraps right under the trailer.  Anyway six months later and this was what I sold.


Yup a Subaru no problem.. all the way back to Prince George.  Small fiberglass trailers are hard to find now for a price that allows for the work.

#18:  Ponoka Trailer.  Or called the 12 ft flat deck.  July 2023.  I thought this would be a great winter project.



It’s finished!. Took two months off this winter because I can.  But I’m back at it… Should be done by mid March.  check out the post to see how I’m transforming this trailer.  Ok I’ll give you a peek..


This photo is from a few weeks ago.  If I had room and a use for this one I would keep it.  I’ve rebuilt the axles and brakes, modified the frame, new paint, new wheels, has a 5500 lb winch in an aluminum box, new deck and LED lights.

Finally….#19:  Jayco Tent Trailer.  But now the tent and the body are GONE.  Got this in Oct 2023..  But its being saved for winter.


I only kept the frame, and it’s a good one. I towed it home an hours drive.. no worries.  I did start posts for this with the ideas I have… Check it out and stay tuned for more.  So I said many many trailers..  19 to be exact ( as of now) …

All done now and SOLD in one day…  BYE BYE