1975 Surfside Trailer.

Dec 4 2022

OH ya I’m gunna do it again.. bought another small fiberglass trailer.. another Surfside.

Ok here’s your typical Tripple E Surfside trailer photo from the big wide web.


Yup that’s nice.. But here’s What I found for sale  (and now own)..  Followed me home. And got dirty.

Hey wait a minute !  That’s not my usual fixer upper ?

Well that’s cause I paid more for it..But not too too much..  When I was looking there were no collapsing to the ground trailers… Or everything painted green ones out there.  All gone !  So I have to settle for “better” stuff. I know…it’s a change I will just have to put up with.. And this brings up the dilemma of ..what to work on and what to leave alone.  Sigh.. Oh well we’ll get to that.  I’m hoping to swap the boat for the Surfside in the garage , let it thaw out and get down to answering that.

OK how bout a few photos taken by the fella who sold it to me.  I haven’t had time to take my own yet !

The Exterior of the trailer is in great condition.. Nothing broken or missing.. No obvious damage.  But I’ve only spent about 30 min walking around looking things over.  So I’m sure to find stuff that’s not right.

All the lights are there intact, but the wiring for them needs a look. He already had the tow lights installed. So rather than fiddle around it was just plug those in to get the trailer back home.  The roof vent ,the fridge and furnace vents are good.  All those ports for water and power still work.  BTW those are hub caps on the 13 ” wheels. I like them ..but they could use new paint.

What’s the inside like ?  Well the best way to describe it is ” 90% there but modified” Newer good cushions ! Faded denim curtains. However no table, no sink, no water system at all!  Also missing :  the stove, The12 volt wiring and no 12 volt lights ! The furnace is gone too, which I’m happy about that.

What is there ?  Well the oldest little fridge I’ve seen yet.  It would be a shock if it worked !  The cabinets are still good.  I say that loosely because there are some modifications that won’t work for me.  But it’s better than not having the cabinets !

Not sure what’s going on here? Some kind of storage.  Interesting light fixture ! It’s the only light.   And the final photo I’ll show you… The closet !  It’s great and the builder’s tag is still inside.

I’m not going to miss the stuff that isn’t there.  someone just saved me the trouble of tossing it .  But the stuff that IS there will save me a lot of work.  And in some cases ( like the cushions) a lot of money.  They cost about $1500. to have made. Once I park it in the garage and let it thaw out..  We will take inventory of things and more details.  Plus some videos.  More on ..