1975 Surfside trailer Page 2

Dec 5 2022

OK let’s start off with this video… Warning it’s longer then my usual video’s.

I talk too much !  But there is a lot of info in there … bound to answer some questions. Musta worked cause I got a lot of views. Helped me think too. I’ve got a good idea where to start.  But first let’s have a look at some things that are interesting and some need work.  These are now  my photos..

The tongue:  I almost never like the way this part is set up. To start with there’s a rock guard ! And it doesn’t work very good.  The front of the trailer is covered with dings. So this has got to go . I’ll just cut the ends off, the middle part will help hold the tongue box. My plan is to gravel guard the front of the trailer, plus I will be installing a tongue box here for a diesel heater (more on that later).  Also could use a bit more tongue weight so the batteries will find room here too.  The 2 inch hitch is loose on the ball, to be expected after 47 years.  I found a new one in my stash …with a new jack too. This will increase the safety of towing.


Door Hinges: These are different from the 76 ones but are still stainless steel other wise they would be rusty like the screws. Lower one has a loose pin. I’ve ordered the same ones I used on the 76 again.  The door does work good, but I’ll still change out these and the screws. Oh ya.. look at this below…

A Bargman door latch !  Yes the highly sought after door latch.. No key but that’s an easy fix. And this one works great and looks great..SCORE !!  ( update… I found a key that works !!)

Look the factory tag !  This is a clear indication that the gel coat is original.  Another indication is…

The decals on the lower part of the trailer are all there.  some are looking rough so you know they are 47 years old. I have the vinyl and the CIRCUT to make new decals..  Oddly they’re are no decals on the upper half of the trailer ?

Good thing because the top of the trailer is showing signs of the 47 years for sure.  There is a few places like this that will need to be fixed.  That means a new paint job. So the work begins with a much needed bath ( because I got it dirty) after removing the lights ( Don’t need them clean).  Other little bits , and what’s left of  the propane lines.  Plus anything else that stops the frame from parting ways with the body.

Like these four bolts !  Hey wait a sec..  There should be six holding the body to the frame.  Double checked and I did not see any more.  It’s quite clean under the trailer, and these are good bolts. So someone has been here before.  Well we will fix that when I put things back together. But this is still a take-apart stage..  And I’m tossing as I go..

This is what I think of old , brittle lights.. Not on my trailer..  LEDs all the way. Here’s an update on the progress.

Need to buy some timbers to hold up the body so I can pull the frame out.  And when that’s done I’ll start a new page for the FRAME..

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