Fix’n Stuff Gramps Page 3

This Post will be about the fix’n and Plans .

Gramps does not need much.  I’m driving the truck just the way it is.. BUT there are some stuff to do.  The first thing is to make an appointment with my shop to have a look for problems and to adjust the idle.  Also I will get them to do a wheel alignment. There’s sure to be a list.  One of the biggest things for me is the paint.  It’s missing in a lot of places, and that could mean rust will happen.  I really like the blue factory paint. It makes me happy like the blue colour of my ATV.  So it’s a keeper for when that happens.

I’m not sure about the black lower part..  But it does look good.

June 4 2024

Today I picked up a nice canopy from a nice person for Gramps.  I had to drive a few hours to get it.. That was the most I’ve driven the truck..

White is a good fit and so is this canopy.  It will stay on for the summer.  After that 4 hr drive I now know more about the truck, so I have a list of things needing attention.  As well as the inspection, here’s my thoughts:  Wheel alignment..  wanders on the road more than it should.  Rough idling… The motor feels like it stumbles at idle.  Cruise Control..   Yup it’s should be working.  A/C .. yup that could be handy.. I believe a recharge will fix that.  Fan speed... medium speed is not working. Will have to see what’s up there.  Replace Multi Function Switch… Got a new one.. And it may fix the cruise.. Horn !  Needs fixing.  Dash & Cluster…I have a new headlight switch to install and all the bezel needs a good cleaning. Also I will replace any bulbs that are out.  That’s enough for now..

Update:   Now that the truck has had it’s assessment we know the answers.  A few surprises,  but overall good news.  Got a list from the mechanic and the costs.  Adds up to just under $2000.  So the plan is to have some stuff done now and some later.  Here’s whats getting fixed first.

  1. Rear Brakes.  The shoes are bad and both brake cylinders leak as well as a leak in the line that crosses the rear axle.
  2. Spark Plugs & Distributor Cap. I suspected this could be the cause of the rough idle. A good thing to do anyway.
  3. Oil Pressure Sender.  The gauge goes up and down.  So let’s make sure this is not the issue.
  4. Fuel Filter.  It’s old so let’s just do this while on the hoist.
  5. Wheel Alignment. There was some wandering and pulling on the steering …this should fix that.
  6. Oil Change & Air Filter.  Want this done anyway.

Here’s what is getting fixed later this summer:

  1. Intake Manifold Gasket.  Possible leak of the coolant here.  The motor will be happy.
  2. Power Steering Pump.  Leaking and this may help the steering problems too.

So we will see how this works out…  Now there is a few more things that need attention.  The shocks are older.  And of coarse there are a few electrical things to fix.. I will gladly do those. That’s my thing ! So by the end of summer I should have a reliable good running and driving truck.  Ready for the cosmetic stuff.