The Westward Ho trailer Page 2

April 11 2024

Onward Ho !

I now have the new fenders. Good thing because test fitting showed a problem.

They were too low so I had to add another piece of angle on top to bring them up. No worries easy fix. I made lots of short videos with the updates, here’s the latest one:

I now could build the two gates for the back.  and I picked up the new metal to do so..

Here’s the test fit, making sure there is enough gaps .  I also made some things like the spare tire holder.

This should be the ticket, nice and strong.  Also the new coupler was installed.

Bolted and welded ! New safety chains also installed.  Almost ready for paint.

This is one of the four hinges I’m using.  Very strong and greasable !  Paint time !

Just like that ( took a few hours) it’s all red.  Black under the fenders.  I’ll do two coats. And made a video :

Wiring is next.  You get to see those nice LED lights the same ones I used on the Jayco trailer.

Isn’t this great tucked away but very easy to see.  The wiring runs in the gap to the front where it goes inside the frame tube to the very front.

Where they appear and become the 4 pin plug.  Works perfectly!  and here’s proof…

The penny lights that go on the fenders are plug in because they poke in from the outside. and with this milestone it’s time for a new page.

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