1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

Aug 11 2023

Another Toy !

I took some of the proceeds from selling my ATV and bought this Jeep.  More suited to Alberta adventures than a quad..  And in my long standing tradition of rescuing sad things..   This definitely fits that .

It has a tow bar that I used to bring it home.. 2 hours away in Red Deer.  No Problems..  The price was good and allows me to spend a bit of money, mostly on new tires..  but there is a  few things that need attention.  OK a lot of things.  The power steering tank has a leak, parking brake needs work. Exhaust is leaking.  Door hinges are worn.  One door latch is broken.. I’ve ordered a whole new set.   235,000 kms in 28 years… not bad. The motor runs great and so does the 5 speed trans. ( Not )

Good brakes too.  A lot of the work is cosmetic.  Like the paint , the drivers door panel is missing, and I need to clean up some wiring.  He had a winch that plugged into the front and back hitches… and then power plugs too…  All wired to two batteries and control switches for charging..  NOPE.. That’s coming out..instead I’ll put a winch on the front and wire it to the battery under the hood.

OK  That’s thoughtful.  and it is needed if you are going to have two batteries… He was winching himself or his buddies out of a lot of mud holes..  I won’t go into any mud holes .  So I can take this away AND ..

This mess as well.  WOW wires everywhere..  I get the switch for control over where the power goes..  Just don’t need that.  Do need the light bar switch.. Don’t need the siren switch …. Yes there is a siren under the hood.  No It’s not staying there.

Yes the light bar works ! And it’s staying..   That’s a nice tow bar .. I’ll keep it but the wiring for the lights is a mess and needs gone..  If I need to tow I’ll use my tow lights.

Well with Ben’s help we got to the job of cleaning up the wiring mess.  And fixing the loud exhaust.  Found a wire off the output housing. Sure enough the speedometer was unplugged.. HMMM One has to wonder for how long ?  It was ripped off by something… Therefore broken, so a new one is ordered.  Work is started on the jeep now to get it “road worthy’ Let’s start another page for that..

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