1994 Jayco Trailer Page 2

March 11 2024

Here’s what I’m thinking :

I’ll build a nice sturdy utility trailer. The size will be 8 ft long and 58″ wide. With a pressure treated wood deck.  Here’s a new video talking about the change:

So with that it’s time to get to work !  The new wheels and the fenders came.

Yup this will work out better.  Don’t have to change the hubs and I can toss those  8 ” wheels now.

Here’s the jack I will use with this trailer. It will be a light trailer so chances are you will just lift it to hook up, but the wheel will be handy. Alrighty… let’s modify the frame to my vision.  Break out the cutting disc and then the welder.

That’s a good start.  You can see the difference already.  The bumper gets a trim and we have a bit of fanciness to make happen.  Here’s video :


Like this treatment for the end of the bumper.  The hole is for the light.  There’s more..

I’m doing this front and back of the fender mounts. You’ll see later why.

And this at the front corner …  Oh by the way those stack pockets are mine and I will be using them.  Time to flip the frame over .  Here’s a video:

And we are flipped.

A bit of welding here and trim some unneeded  bits.  Paint the axle and the underside of the frame.

Yes ! that’s blue. I had this in my paint cupboard for the boat trailer that I sold before painting. So why not.  I promise it will look good in the end. That’s all done so I flipped the frame back over to the right side up.

Now I can add the “stickem up” bits and the filler bits that finish off the frame.  This piece will hold the taillights and the latches for the tailgate.  Let’s paint !

Poof Painted..  And notice the extra mounts for the fenders.  Another video :

We are now ready for the lights and wiring..  I should mention that I painted the safety chains and the decision to put the spare up front instead of a box.

There’s that done and as you can see tested too !  Even I’m impressed..

Let’s not forget the wheels and fenders.  I think it’s time for a new post for the decking and finishing.

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