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Aug 13 2023

It’s in the garage so why not do some fixing !

Cleaning is first on the to do list..  The motor and under the hood was very dirty.  So much easier to see what you’re doing without the dirt.

trust me this is way better then what it was. I forgot to take a “before” photo. Not much to do under here. The leak in the power steering reservoir , a new belt and could use an oil change.

OOPS !   we had a little mishap.  As part of the cleaning Ben and I took the hardtop off..  And it was heavier than we thought it would be. and … we dropped it on the tail gate and broke the rear window..  Darn.. One more thing for the auto wrecker list.

I removed the passenger door so I could do the repairs.  AND clean the caulking off the vent window.

WHY ?  Was it leaking ?  What a pain.. I did get it all off and the window works again.  I’m going to take the door completely apart, and rebuild it..  And  I have some new parts for the doors coming.  I like the full doors so we will fix them up like new.  Let’s see now, doors off, top off and now the seats are out too.  Time for a bath on the inside.

And boy is it needed !   Years of mud and dirt.   It will look different tomorrow.

Much better !  Now we can see what’s under the dirt .   Also…  A topless jeep is kinda cool..

I’m trying a product I bought years ago for turning rust into primer. Can’t remember what project it was..  But it works.  I’ve soaked a few of the rusty bolts and screws in it and wow do they look different.

These were very rusty seat bolts, and the screws that hold the mirrors on.  So I used it on the front bumper, let it dry and painted it semi gloss black.

Now it’s time for some new tires. The ones I chose are multi use , trail , snow, mud and the good old road.  So I had them mounted up and now I need to freshen up the semi gloss black on the rims.  These are not the big fat tires that were on the jeep, but a much more reasonable size.  In fact close to the factory size.  There was some rust on the rims …  I treated it and repainted them .

Looking good where the rubber meets the road.  Next I’m painting the seat frames, and they will go back in so we can drive the jeep.

And here we are with the new tires on.  Some nice new center caps to fancy things up a bit. Today my new windshield frame came.  The old one is rusted through and dented up top..

This will make it so a new window can be installed without worry.  Putting the seats back in today.  Ordered a new steering wheel too.  In a few days the Jeep is going to a shop to have some work done.  They will install new tail pipe, a new belt and fix the leak in the power steering.  Also we will see what needs to be done to pass the safety inspection.  While in the shop I’ll rebuild the doors and paint the window frame to ready it for new glass.   We’ll start a new page for that work..

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