The Westward Ho trailer

March 20 2024

Introduction to the New Trailer Project.

Another tent trailer frame..  This time I don’t have to deal with the body.  So Let’s start with a video:

It was only in the garage for a bit. I was still working on the Jayco trailer.  However after the Jayco was sold I wasted no time in starting on this trailer.  So let’s move on to that.

March 31 2024

Okay it’s on the lift and just like before out comes the cutting disc.  Not removing the axle, just the wheels. New wheels are on order.

Most of the unwanted stuff has been removed, or cut through.  Ready to flip over and finish the cuts.  I’m not thinking too many folks do this step.  For sure not on a big trailer.  This one is at the top of the weight that we can flip.

Belly up !   Well look at that no paint on the bottom.. The lift table will be pushed back under and up she goes.

Two new cross pieces welded in and the axle and the underside painted.  The label on the axle says 1800 lbs, but those spindles are 3500lb ones.  Hmmm.  New video about that.

And also talked about was my custom colour, dark red.  Oh and the new wheels are here.

So fancy !  These are a great deal from Princess Auto. Time to flip the frame over.

As you can see I did install those hubs and they fit perfectly.  I’m now adding the new bits of steel back on, like the fender supports. I’m doing a bit of planing as I go here.

Using some of the old metal left over from the Ponoka trailer.  I wont have much extra metal left after I’m done.  Here’s the latest video..

Like I said planing and changing things as I go..  Lot’s  to do before the paint.

And this is what I decided to do for a rear bumper.  The taillights are recessed in here so they are protected.  It all makes good sense when I’m done.

This photo shows how I finished off the front corners. Holes for the penny lights too. Here’s a video that talks about how the rails will go :

And let’s do it !

Starting to build the railings. Decided on 18 ” high, seams plenty. This is were weight gets added but also strength too.

Here we have the sides done. I’ll be adding one more upright post in the middle.  It’s really taking shape now.  Time for a new page as work continues.

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