1988 12 ft Flatdeck Trailer P7

Feb 16 2024

Time for the Axles

But first proof I know what I’m doing when wiring a trailer!

I’m also taking the time to make covers for the front side of the tail lights.  That’s what the old galvanized chimney cap is for.  Those are now done and I’ll take a photo when they are finished.  The big thing done today ( with the help of my Son) was getting the axles under the trailer.

I made some brass shims for the eyes of the springs, and got them bolted up.  All new parts! good for another 30 years. Putting the brakes back on is the next step.  But first these covers finish the tail lights nicely and keep the wiring out of sight and protected.

There is likely different ways I could have done the lights but here it is and screws can be removed to fix any wiring issues.  Onward to the brakes…

Them’s the BRAKES !

Remember I spent a lot of time cleaning and painting the parts for the bakes.  And I have the special tools for brakes too.  And just like that we are done.

Well I should not forget a bit of cursing and groaning getting the springs on.  Now to hook up the wires and the drums go back on.   And it’s all done..  Brakes checked and working good. Hubs rolling nice with the correct amount of tightness.

Wow.. looks better than new, the way I hoped it would.  Just a few little details to do before the deck.

Like the nice slide latches for the tailgate. I drilled and tapped for the stainless steel screws.

And this nifty holder for the 7 pin plug.  Keeps the end clean.  Jack is on, new chains too..  Ready for decking…  I’m starting at the front on the 12″ extension.  I can stand in the space there to install them..

Looking good !  Buying 50 carriage bolts with washers and nuts is costly, but I’m not using self tapping screws.   It’s a pain drilling through the 4×2 hollow frame, but after braking a few drill bits I figured it out.

Here we are almost finished.  There’s 48 holes and 48 bolts.

Time for one more page..  The finishing touches .

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