1988 12 ft flat deck Trailer P6

Feb 3 2024

Painting and Electrical :

Ok.. I’ve had lots of time to think of the order of things needing to be done. Of coarse the last of the welding needs to be done before any paint happens.  Today I made the mount for holding the spare tire.

The spare rests on the checker plate and against the front of the right side fender. Oh and I believe the spare should always go on the passenger side to avoid unnecessary road rash.   Then I made a bit of an improvement to the winch and box at the front of the trailer… Explained in this new video…

I mistakenly said the battery will be in the aluminum box.. Nope it has it’s own place in front of the box.  And with that done ,and the underside of the fenders coated with under coating it’s on to some painting.  I’m starting on the front of the trailer, and working my way back.  There is more complicated things to paint at the front.

And there we have some done.  It’s not as dark red as I had hoped.. But I’m okay with it.  All righty… I have the whole trailer painted now.  And it looks great ! And RED !

There’s so much still to do..  wiring, axles and decking.  But It’s fun putting things back together.  You know you try things and fit things… but now I get to permanently attach things.  Like the box with the winch.  Which is where I started first.

All bolted in place ! Worked out as planed, with the winch line centered between the two uprights.  I’m satisfied with the sturdiness of the mount now.

Ad to that a strong place to hook up to if you use the snatch block.  A battery charger was added inside the box with a 110 plug on the outside. This idea can from my Southland dump trailer that I loved so much.   I now turn my attention to the wiring.  The first thing is to have a look at the seven pin junction box that I use on my trailers that have brakes.  The ones I like come from amazon and are made in China.  That’s ok but the color coding is weird.

However you can test the plug to see which is which.  You can’t change the wires at the plug end so you just need to use the correct terminal in the box.  Easy to do .  I made a diagram to remind me.

I will be testing everything from the plug when I’m done.  Today a new action camera arrived to replace my Gopro that’s getting old.  So I made a video to test that out..

That turned out good..  And so is the wiring !  All in loom and tucked away from danger.

All done except for the trailer brakes.  Cant hook those up till the axles are back under the trailer.  Soon !  Below photo shows my tail light set up.

That’s aluminum sheet from a road sign sanded to a satin finish.  The wiring is tested and passes of coarse..   Time for a new page for the axles..

Page 7  Axles: