1994 Jayco Tent Trailer

Oct 16 2023

Well more like whats left of it !

The story goes that a strong wind ripped the roof and tent off. The fella I bought it from took the the rest.. I got the body and some lights.

But I only want the frame.  The frame is 8 ft long and 6 ft 3 ” wide. The hitch is another 46 “.  Very light ..  I towed it home like this about 80 kms.  Those darn 8 inch wheels survived the trip.. I hate those..  They are not staying  !  I’ll go with 12 ” better on the highway.

When I got home I noticed the back of the trailer was coming apart!  Well I’ll just finish that job..  I don’t know why but I saved all the lights.

Some wire too… always need wire ..right !  And then I made a pile out of the Jayco..  Because like I said  .. I only want the frame.

Some of the wood was rotten in the walls, and a lot of the screws were not holding anything. Hence the pile.  One thing is for sure… it will no longer be a Jayco tent trailer.  Even though that’s what the registration says.  Okay now we have a trailer frame & wheels !

Oh ya with torsion suspension too !

Hopefully not wore out yet.  So there we have it…

What should we make of it ?

I’m kinda favoring a little tear drop style trailer.  It’s the perfect frame for that.  Then I came to my senses and saw how much work that would be..

Update:  Dec 2023..

Got a good deal on some trailer goodies..  All of it new !

Don’t need all of these things for this trailer… but those wheels would look sweet.. And a wheeled jack would be a good thing for this project too.  This will be next winters project..  2024-2025.

Change of plans…  I’m not going to be planning for next winter.  There is a few things I’m not happy about the frame. I would like the hubs to be 5 bolt, and the wheels to be a few inches wider.  SO ! I’ve decided to change and build a utility trailer.  I have most of what I need and far less work.   So Let’s get a new page going for that shall we…

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