Second E Bike has come !

Nov 30 2022

Fabulous Bikes Echo Adrenalized..

Only slight differences..  But every bit as good.  Right out of the box.

I took this bike for a ride to make sure all was good.  BRRRRR  cold !

I think this step through frame is the best bike for old folks like us.. Very user friendly.  For those of us who are not in the best of shape… E bikes are what should get you out and getting some exercise.  I say some.. because if you want you can let the motor do all the work.. your choice.  If you get the chance to try one you will know what I’m saying.  For now it’s full on winter here and even if the roads get bare again it’s still cold.  So for now we will put the bikes away till spring.

April 2023:  The bikes have been stored in the basement since the Echo arrived.  I have now cleaned a place for them in the garage so we can start using them again.  Only once during the winter did I charge up the batteries..  and they did not need much.  We had full charges yesterday when I brought them to the garage.  It was a nice warm afternoon so I just had to go for a ride.  Just WOW!