1994 Chevy 2500 4×4

Feb 2015

I’m at it again…  changing vehicles.  After watching all the new ones on the lot.. come and go.. and driving the Dodge for six months.. It was nice to drive… yes..  But I’m seeing a lot of problems with all the gadgets in the new vehicles.   I’m seeing too much crap..  TPS sensors..  back-up warning sensors..  All very exspensive to fix when it starts screwing up… I’m going back to simple..  I bought this truck back in January… it was a good trade.. looked after well.. and I got it cheap.   So I just took it home.. parked it while I thought about what to do.. WELL  I’m keeping it..I’m fixing it up… and I’m going to use it !   Here’s the details about the truck:

  • 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4×4
  • Regular Cab Long box.  Seats 3
  • 350 V-8 with 4 speed auto , 4:10 gears
  • 213, 000 kms.  New Transmision
  • Features:  power windows, power locks, siding rear window, AC, Cruise, chrome bumpers & grill, box liner. towing setup.
I love to pimp out my ride !

And everything listed above is a good place to start. I’ll be adding :

  • Keyless remote locking
  • New multi media stereo with touch screen.
  • Back up camera.
  • Gull wing tool box.
  • Reworking the rack to include side rails and a removable rear rack for the kayaks.
  • Installing the fifth wheel hitch.

New pull out towing mirrors.I know what your thinking… Rob your adding all those things that you said would break !  No.. not all..  and what I’m adding will be better quality.. and independent systems..  New vehicles have computers that run all those gadgets..  And to replace some of those things… the back up camera on the Dodge costs more than $300 to replace.. The very nice one I bought was $24.  The new stereo I’m getting is a Kenwood  for $250.  The remote locking system was $26.  The truck already has the power locks.. I’m just installing a box with an antenna  that will flash the lights and it has a little security light.

Here’s the lock system…  I have bought and installed these before..  they work good..   And these fobs are better than others I’ve seen.

And Here’s the Camera that I’ve chosen.. Color / night vision..   The housing is all metal not plastic..  and on the screen are the lines that help with the distances..   Only the price is cheap.   And !  factory back up cameras are just that.. they only work when you are in reverse..  Very annoying when you are maneuvering to hook up a trailer,  and that is what I want the camera for..  Therefore I will be having a switch on the dash to turn on the camera when I want it.

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These are the mirrors that should be arriving any day.  Not power..  They fold away, and you just pull them out for towing…  Perfect !

It was a slow day at work so I brought the truck in for an interior wipe down.  And I took a few photos.

These photos are of the way I got the Chev..basically untouched.    That wood box has got to go..  And that mesh screen too.  I doubt I’ll be carrying things that would break the window..   I would rather have a good view.

All I’ve done is wipe it down a bit.. the carpet and seat need a good cleaning.. But that’s all.  As you can see it’s in great shape. And my favorite color for a “easy on the eye” interior…  Brown. 🙂

The only piece I found broken is the cover for the fuses. It’s missing a tab.  I can fix that.  or find one at the wreckers.

What no drink holder in the pocket !   you’re lucky to get any for this year..  but there is two (pull out ) on the dash,  so no worries.  Even though it looks great there is so much fixing up I could do to this truck..  The tailgate has a little bend in it..  The passenger side window is pitted from what looks like grinding too close.   The lights could use a polish..

And these fender skirts could use new paint..  Satin Black  of coarse.  And I would give the rims a fresh coat of paint too.  All this will be done in time.. But first it’s getting the mechanical stuff dealt with.  And once I’ve collected all my goodies I’ll set to work one day “Pimp’n”

The truck had it’s service and check up..  No problems !   Wow.  I thought for sure there would be something needed..  The steering is just me expecting it to be as nice as a new truck..  And the loud exhaust is just that … a loud after market muffler..  combined with the holes in the fire wall letting all the noise under the hood into the cab..  and Yeah.  It’s noisy.   I can fix quite a bit by sealing up those holes and adding some sound deadening in key places.

The mirrors came today and I had time to install them too.  A perfect fit and not too to hard to do..  These will be sooooo nice when towing a trailer. Remember they are manual adjust.. and you pull them out for towing… so cool and simple.  These same mirrors ( but power of coarse) are found on newer heavy duty trucks.     I’ve also picked up the new Kenwood stereo while in Kelowna ..  and I bench tested it last night.. Also  Perfect.  Just what I want.  But I’m not going to like it with the crappy factory speakers..  So I’m searching for some nice replacement ones..  I also got a smokin deal on a tool box for the back..$25.  Yup.

I’m a dummy … I sold the truck before doing anything else.