Terra Jet Page 6 ( The Re-Assembly continued )

March 2015

It’s the beginning of March and it feels like spring out there..  But I carry on with getting the jet together..

I did get the tires off the rims.. and I did order new tires..  but about these rims.. the two on the left are real Terra Jet rims..  12×12 with a 8″ off set.  The other two are different..  I’m thinking that this Jet being the first production model they hadn’t figured a few things out yet.  Like the length of the rear axle.  Let’s just say these rims compensate for that nicely.

It’s very hard to source the proper tires that are used on the Terra Jet.. these come as close as I can..  and they are a good price.   Should arrive in a week.  Also waiting on more chain..  I used all ten feet on the front drive.

The new drives chains are on and we made a new idler sprocket for adjustable tension.  There is new nylon in the bottom of the chain trough too. So many parts & pieces were missing from this Jet..  Having to make a lot of things from scratch…  But that is also a chance to do it better .

Mid March:

And this weekend I went and got another Terra Jet all in pieces..   So here’s the Post for that..  HERE

I think it’s more than just pieces, I’m thinking a third Terra Jet.. could be had… the important stuff is there … I may just take two of the rims & tires..  and the best two tires I have from the 400E and keep the new ones for one of the other Jets..

Got the tires all mounted on the nicely painted rims..  Tubes in the tires will keep them good..  And I put the wheels back on and pushed the Chassis out the door for a photo.

YES..  getting closer to that drive..   That’s the proper Terra Jet fuel tank in the front.. needs a repair..  but that’s where it goes.

Getting closer.. If I wasn’t so lazy.. and took less breaks.. I might just have finished the jet today..  but it still needs wiring and the brake caliper installed.

Unfortunately this is as far as I got before the yard work was calling. It’s full on spring now and lots to do..  So I moved the Jet out of the shop and tucked it away.   Fully intending to get back to it in the fall.

Feb 2016…. Update:

In the fall I agreed to sell the Jet to a friend in it’s un finished condition.  To be picked up this spring..  So it was left under cover for the winter..  I had a look and it’s all good.. tires are still up and only a little surface rust on the bare steel bits.   So very soon it’s off to it’s new home..  Kinda sad I did not finish..  But I have a newer Jet that I can work on next winter.  So off it went…..With an old golf card for company.