Bought a 3rd Terra Jet

March 2015

This is also a 453E  like my second one..


But unlike the second one .. this one has the body.  And the tub is original except for the missing bottom !   Yes someone cut the bottom off intending to replace it and ..never got far.   No biggy that’s half the work done.

All the parts & pieces are in bins.. ALL  taken apart..  Again that’s half the job done !  Win Win..  So what’s missing:

  • The motor.   However I got with it a 20 hp Honda.. Yessss
  • The Clutch..   which was most likely still on the motor.
  • The seat cushion..   But I got the frame !

Now… more importantly I got some things that I did not have !  Even though the 453e I got last fall has most parts, it’s was missing :

  • The Body !  and the motor hood
  • The fuel tank
  • the seat frame
  • The cover for the chain.

I was pretty stoked to see a fuel tank.. then not so much cause it’s cracked..

Fixable ?  I’ll try.  If nothing else it’s a good template to make a steel one.   The body like everything else needs repair..   I thought I was just buying some spare parts.. but I’m thinking this is a repairable Terra Jet..

All the terra jets are stored for the time being..  future projects when the mood strikes me.

Sept 2019…   This is the one that I chose to restore..  even though the bottom of the tub was missing I would replace it anyway.