1988 12 ft flat deck Trailer

July 28 2023

Yup I’m getting an early start on the  “Winter Project”

Something more reasonable this time..  Won’t take six months to complete… but I could take my time ! Got lots of that !

Perfect…  When I saw this one for sale I just had to have it ..  12 ft X 6 ft ..  5000 lb capacity ( small car).

Needs some love for sure..  Those sides are toast..  And that’s not all.  Needs new deck, wheels, wiring. hitch. lights ( although these do work) And a paint job.  In other words..  just my kinda trailer.  BUT ! I towed it home two hours at full speed.. with no problems.  I won’t start on this till the fall ( that’s a lie).   Here’s a video tour…

My Avalanche was going in the garage right away.. But a trans cooler line broke and leaked all the oil…  so I had to use the Buick to fetch the trailer.. Not a problem, the Buick can tow 5000 lbs and the trailer as it was weighed in at 1800 lbs.  But the Avy will not be fixed till the 8 th of August…  so A bit of delay.  So yes I’ll start work on the trailer..

I want to save all the metal bent or not..  So I’m using a cut off wheel to cut the rusty bolts holding the wood on.

Getting there..  And so is the outdoor temperature ..it will be hot today. Most of the bolts were so rusty there was no way you were using a wrench.  I think I’m just in time to prevent some bad rust against the fender walls..  Lots of dirt and duff was trapped there.

And now for the floor..  Great idea to throw OSB sheets over the rotten decking..  Yup !  Now it’s falling apart too !  I think I’m going to need a shovel not a crowbar.

I think we need a new deck !

How about some nice pressure treated 2×6… Yup that should do it.  However that’s a much later thing.  Hours of sweat later and….

We have a clean frame and the parking area too !  For now all that rotten wood went into the other trailer.  So hiding under all the old wood is a nice sturdy trailer,  with 3500 lb drop axles, 10″ brakes.  And 4 leaf springs.

All designed to keep the trailer low, and pack some weight.  Nice… that’s the way we want it.  As you have seen looking at these photos what’s left of the paint is copper color..  The registration shows yellow ?  Well it will be neither when I’m done..  I should mention that the frame is made of 4″ x 2″  steel tube, cross pieces too.  No damage or bends either.  So I have an excellent foundation for a very nice flat deck trailer.  Do we just give it a new deck and a paint job…. NO.  We make it better than it was.  Make it safe to tow , and reliable with proper trailer tires, new hitch, brakes that work!  LED lights.

Metal Works !

I really want to reuse the angle pieces that were the support for the sides.   But boy is the one long (12 ft) piece bent up bad..

Hard to see just how bad in the photo…  I’ve been hammering and jumping on these for hours..  I may be able to straighten them more when I weld them in place.

Better view of the bent-up-ness of the one..  I need to get them looking better…  Buying this much metal is very pricey.  I’ve got the upright pieces from the side to.. ( not bent).

Those “fold overs” are from the factory… they were at the top. I’m not asking why… These are approximately 24 ”  long , and the new pieces I need will be 12 ” … So there’s lots to work with.  Not so with the long ones..  Need every bit.

Alrighty… Time for a new page, about the PLANS!

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