Kettle River Group Camping

Group Camping @ Kettle River Park

This is a new post that will be for info on our Summer Group Camping..

We scored big this coming summer.. getting the site for the August long weekend

This year … 2014 we have the Groupsite booked from:  Wednesday. July 30 th .. to .. Sunday August 10th.   The gate is open for us 1:00 pm on the 30th.. And we leave the Monday morning by 11:00 am.  That’s 12 whole days of fun , relaxation & visiting.. Come for as many days as you like..

Also this year we will be helping Jens & Diane celebrate their 50 th Anniversary  ….  Stay tuned for the plans..

Waiting for the gate 2013

Hopefully we all avoid this line up for this year.. We were all so anxious to get there for our short time that we kinda piled up at the gate.. They won’t let us in till 1:00 so no point in being early. 

July 16 th..  :

Well it’s getting close..  and it looks like there may still be a campfire ban in effect by the time we arrive at camp..  I will wait till the last minute to load any wood..  

Update: July 22..

We are looking at just over a week now..  Campfires are allowed AT THIS TIME…  so we will bring some wood.. The compessor is we will have to do with our own inflators..

I made an adapter to use on one of the 30 amp plugs.  It splits the 30 amp into two.  So we would have three 30 amps..  Dave repaired the cage compressor that we use to inflate stuff.. it was getting tired ..  we don’t use it here at home anymore.. But it should be good for the summer..

Last year in 2013.. we had to find other ways to camp because of only getting the four days.. A few of us went to the Arosa Ranch up on Anarchist Mountain  You can see the Facebook page.. Give them a call very nice place with full hook ups.

Spring is here !

And camping will come before you know it..   I was kindly donated three more River float tubes..  the good kind that we like.. so they will be added to the bin of floaties..  Just like the one in the photo below except yellow & black..  so no worries if anyone needs extras.