2008 polaris RZR800

Sept  8  2019

First I’ll show you a photo of a nice looking one off the web..  could be any ones..  Then I show you a photo I took of the one I have..

Ah come on it’s close..   Never mind the taped on light bar on the roof..  Or the fact that you can’t see through the half windscreen.  Ok I’ll stop slamming it..   It does run / drive..   and has some cool ad-ons.

So  why would I have a second one ?  Good question..  but easy answer..  it was cheap…  don’t ask  .. you know I don’t talk money on here.  Let’s suffice to say that I can make some cash by making it all good again.

These photos were before it had a bath…  but it needs more than that..   But let’s point out the positive stuff first.   It’s a RZR 800.  And that’s good..  I think this was the first year they made RZR’s  It has a roof, windscreen, winch, doors, bush bar, rear trunk, rear led lights,  And a 2 inch lift with wheel spacers to give it a strong stance…   It HAD ( cuz I took them off) a 32 inch LED light bar..  and a stereo that was not working very well.

That’s a lot of stuff / accessories ..   Makes up for it’s issues..  It’s LOUD… needs some exhaust work.  It scratched and scuffed and there is a few cracks in the plastic… not many… I’ve seen worse..  And I know how to fix them.  The seats need re- covering. the dash needs a make over..  there is a hole where the stereo controller was.  There’s a few missing fasteners..  And the winch has rope not cable…

Cool factory box..   DIRTY !   All this stuff I can fix… clean…  or repair.  So let’s see how I do…

Well it was raining  and that put a damper on the trailer cuz I have to work outside.  So I brought my 570RZR in and did a service and fixed a few things.  That prompted me to bring the 800 in the shop and see what I can do..  Right away I removed the doors , the roof and the rear body.

And this is what I was left with.  Now it’s easy to work on the motor and mostly the exhaust system.  AND I found out why all the noise..

One of the two springs was missing and so was the lead gasket.  Geez.. no wonder..  I’m going to give the whole exhaust a make over..  And install a new valve cover gasket too.  Also I removed the battery.

And cleaned up the rats nest of unused wires.  There is still lots to do.  I figured I better start with the exhaust pipes and muffler.

When I pulled the Y pipe off the motor and cleaned it this is what I found.  A crack that goes around to both sides.  Good thing this is steel..  and I have a welder.

After a good cleaning I painted all the parts with High Temp paint…  With all new seals and no cracks things should be noticeably quieter.  I also repainted the roll bar..   lots of scuffs and some rust..

Today I had only a bit of time to work on the 800… And I got the prefect soldering iron for plastic welding…  So I repaired the two rear side panels.. One had a good size crack… the other just a small crack.

This is the repaired crack.. the messy stuff in on the back of the panel.  You can still see the crack but it is strong again. I’m thinking I will have to sand the whole panel and apply clear coat to get the shine back.  And also today some goodies arrived for the 800.

Just some of the stuff I’ve ordered for the 800.  Another 12 inch LED light bar, Another mirror, some winch stoppers (enough for all the winches I have going) and 100 of the body clips… handy to have.  If the weather is good outside I work on the 18 ft trailer..   But I have spent some time on the RZR..   The roof is now all fixed… no more holes where they should not be..   The missing bolt in the valve cover is fixed… And the exhaust is back together.  I went to the Polaris dealer and picked up a few parts..  So I now have all that I need ..

Rainy so getting a few more things done..  The only thing I don’t have yet is the Dash panel..   I got the roof back on all sturdy once again.

And the exhaust system is all done.. maybe I’ll put the battery back in and see how quiet it is..

This is how it should be with ALL the springs and new gaskets.. Oh and not rusty !  Much less noise than before..   Lot’s has been done now because the rain has forced me to work indoors.  The seat bottoms are done.

Just like new again…..  I’ve been putting things back together as I recondition them..   Plus Dave & I removed the wheels to make sure things there are ok..  Had to tighten one bearing up a bit.. BUt the brake pads are toast!  So a new set has been ordered.  I have installed a horn, the new LED light bar and painted the bush bar.

Things are looking up for this sad RZR.  When we looked at the wheels we realized they are 14″ and not the factory 12″  and the tires are 28″ outside not 25″  so as well as the 2″ lift this machine has another inch or two.  Can’t wait to give it a try…  in a week I’ll be taking it up to the hunting camp and do just that.  But first I change the oil & filter, and hopefully the brake pads come Cuz don’t want to not have brakes!  Took it for a burn around the yard..  Lots of power.. there is a ticking noise coming from the rear left drive when you turn hard..  thinking it could be the fact that there is NO pad left on those brakes… metal to metal.  OR a bad drive shaft..  After the new pads we’ll see.  Also we replaced the winch line with new cable and hook.. even a rubber stopper.  And I got the dash sorted out..

The RZR now has a horn (left side) , a new dash panel with a volt meter in the middle, the front and rear LED lights.  And where the stereo controls were a power plug and USB charge ports.  Everything you need and nothing you don’t !  With the brakes done and everything ship shape..  I put the RZR up for sale … SOLD !

Oh and I should mention that I kept the doors for my RZR.