Frontier Camper Page 2

Sept  2  2018

Frontier Camper becomes the new Scooby !

The trailer frame is almost finished..  The decking is on !

And today I was working on the cradle for the camper.   The decking is 2×8 treated wood bolted to the frame with galvanized bolts.   Very strong and should out last me.

The cradle for the camper to sit on..  Also 2×8 treated wood.

This morning I got the brakes adjusted and wired up.. and the wheels back on..   Then Dave & I rolled the trailer under the camper..   PERFECT  FIT..  Wow..  I’m getting better with the tape measure.   The balance is spot on too..  About 300 ibs tongue weight.  So it should tow really nice…   And look at the room up front for a quad.

Still a bit more work to do..  but the new Scooby will be ready for Hunting this October.

Update : Sept 11.  2018

I have built the folding  stairs  and installed a hand rail too.

They turned out very nice..  Fold up nice too….

Perfect !   But I didn’t like the way the bottom step flexed…  sooo I installed threaded feet to the under side and ..  no more flex.. nice and solid.

They are very adjustable ..  I will cut a couple of wood squares to place under the feet..

It’s a simple thing .. but it’s sturdy.. and can be removed if the camper was taken off the trailer.   Amazing how it gives you comfort when entering and exiting the camper.

The roof is all sealed up and vent covers are installed.  Ready for what ever weather comes our way.

October 2018

I will be taking the Frontier (scooby) up the valley on the annual hunting trip..  So I’ve outfitted it all up ..  tested out the front deck..

A full size ATV fits perfectly.   And I remembered I’ve never looked at the canopy…


Well … it’s in perfect condition..  I expect that since it’s stored in the zippered bag.  This will be handy for any bad weather..

Home sweet home for two weeks..