1982 Frontier Class B+ Page 2

March  28 2020

It’s spring !

And the Frontier is on the TO DO list..

Soon …very soon I will be moving the Frontier to the driveway in front of the garage and start working on the list.  But for now I’ll pre – – build some of the panels so they are ready to install.

Here’s the charging / info panel that will mount below the thermostats and the existing panel.  Powering this on will give me an accurate battery level.  I also made a smaller USB panel to mount near the dinette for charging and powering electronics.   I’ve checked out the wire routing and I can do this.

The Frontier is in front of the garage now and I stared work .  One of the first things was to get the “tuck” tape off two of the hatches.  Yes that was the fix for doors that would not stay closed !  My fix was to install new latches…  done.   And I’ll stick to working on the outside for a bit..  Removed the bush bar Spare tire mount from the van.  It’s getting a new paint job in the shop..  And with a color matching the van.

I can use the same paint to touch up the rust spots on the van.   Oh and the Frontier got a bath…  a good scrubbing for sure..

These photos don’t really show the difference.  Maybe this one does..

Yup looking spiff.   When the weather warms up I’ll do some wax too.  In the mean time I really needed to get the roof and the vents sorted out..

This will be part of that work.  A new Max Fan for the rear vent opening..   And vent covers for the other two.  In fact everything on the roof is getting attention.  It’s taken two days but I got the roof to where I can say it’s leak proof.   New vent covers , New fan, New plumbing vent cover..  and the TV antenna is removed and nicely patched.   Let it rain !

time to investigate more of the secrets inside the cabinets..   First off the mystery Bus heater..  It runs constantly when the ignition is on..  There’s a thermostat on the wall that is suppose to control it.  Not working..  So I took the panel of..  and found this green thing ..

Well it’s an aux heater..   plumbed into the motor coolant lines.  And it appeared to have a small leak !  And the control box  was most likely the cause of the control not controlling stuff..   I thought about it and I really don’t need this heater..  So here it is ..  and the long hoses connecting it are gone.  Now I have a power wire I can use for something else. and more storage.

Nice day today.. So I got to work installing new Led lights..  Then I could get the vent trim back in place.

This new light takes care of the holes left from the TV antenna.   Over the table it could be handy.

This one is just a bonus… wires were handy.  Next the light over the sink..  The lights over the couch and the dinette are remaining the old ones they are cool and work good.. just changing the bulbs to LEDs.   Because of the circumstances in the world and here in BC  going camping is not happening for awhile.. so any more work on the Frontier will wait till other things are done.  I have a list..

It’s May…  the weather is getting warm..  but the camping season will be delayed till the Government opens up the camp sites.  My work on the roof has allowed the Frontier to stay out in the driveway ready to pick away at some odd jobs.  Like the rusty patches on the front of the hood.  And the paint chips .

I matched the paint very well and hard to tell unless you get very close.  Once this job is done I can re mount the guard on the front..

Done!  The real purpose of this is to hold the spare tire.  I’ve taken the dash apart and wired the new stereo properly.  But I still have more wiring to do..  like running lights.

Some things won’t get done..  but new things have popped up like the power converter.  And it had to be fixed..  Luck for me we had a spare..  newer one too!  While doing that the closet floor had to be removed …So all those issues got fixed.  Also the USB / power center got installed .  The whole interior got a good cleaning and all the appliances tested..  Ready to go.