79 Scamp / Acorn Restore page 6: The Re-Assembly

March  20 2020

Now that the painting is done and had time to cure …  it’s time to get this puppy buttoned up…  Spring is here and I need the shop for other things.   And I’ve decided too sell the Acorn without doing anything to the interior.  The decor is a personal thing..  I provide the solid “like new ” trailer and someone gets to personalize  it.

The windows are going in..  and the door is next.

Also the fridge vents are painted and back…

Today was a very nice day..  Perfect for putting the body back on the frame… and we did just that..

Now I feel confident enough to mount the door and adjust it properly.  Once that is done then just need to wire up the running lights and install the roof vent and it’s good to go..

Well and bit of a snag.. the door is not fitting !  When I bought the trailer the door was mounted but hanging down because the floor was cut away on the hinge side..  So there was no way to see the fit..  It’s obvious the door in a newer one and not the original.  The problem is there’s not enough curve to match the door opening.  Now it could be taken apart ..a template made and the curve changed..

Here you can see the gap at the top….

And the bottom too !  When I formed the body I was careful to keep the door frame parallel and straight ..   But the curve is molded into the body..  and the steel brace behind the hinges is pre-bent to the proper curve..  ?  So what to do..   I have an idea..  temporary but will keep the rain out .

Well the Scamp is done !  Outside and for sale.  Looks good with the moons on the wheels.

The ride height is good.   The lights all work as they should.  I’m putting all the cabinets back in place..


So now we will see if someone wants a bit of an interior project..

And yes they did… SOLD  to nice folks from Kelowna