2013 Husqvarna Swedish Mower

March  10 2020

I found a used one !

These are pricey little mowers.  And that’s why they didn’t sell very many in North America.  So finding a used one is great.  New ones are twice the price of a lawn tractor.  But they do mow better, turn sharper and maneuver around better.  And one of the best things is how the front deck pulls out and flips up for cleaning and blade changes…  very slick !

The other cool thing is the articulating steering…  just like a big loader these bend in the middle ..  Quite sharply too.

These mowers could be bought as an AWD or just rearWD.  The one I got is the later.  Three different decks were offered too.  I got the big 48 inch side discharge deck.  Most were mulching smaller decks like the ones in the photos.   Here’s mine….

I saw these many years ago at the equipment stores in Calgary…  And was impressed with everything but the price.  And now I’m happy to have one …  and this will take over the lawn cutting duties from the Kubota 1850 .   I hope it’s as reliable as the Kubota..   The Kubota has been having over heating problems when running the 52 inch mowing deck .. only..  everything else works great.

The power is a conventional Briggs 20 hp V-Twin..  And it drives a hydrostatic  transmission and a belt to the mower deck.  Easy to service and simple.  And I like foot pedal operation..

Yard work has begun !  And I have been using the Husky quite a bit..  Without doing anything to it ..  It’s running great !   I love it.   when the shop is clear I’ll get to sharpening the blades.