79 Scamp / Acorn Restore page 5: The Body Work/ Painting

Feb  17  2020

There is not near as much body work needed as was for the Boler.  No pool paint to sand off..   While the body is still laying on it’s side I’m going to fill the holes in the roof and modify the roof vent..

And then with a little help..   The Acorn is back on it’s feet (wheels).

Ya we rolled it inside the shop..  Only a little grunting..  Now I can get the body ready for paint..  That requires filling holes, cutting the side windows bigger, and finish up the roof vent.  I have already fixed the lower skirt in the rear of the trailer…  so we are part way there.

I’m almost ready for paint !  just cutting the openings for the three replacement windows.

Slightly larger radius windows..  Good thing we are doing this now … I realized the holes in the corners needed filling.

This was the only crack I needed to repair.  And I believe it was caused by the weight of the door without any floor or any thing to support it.  But !

There was a hole for the heater that I don’t have..  So I patched it..

Now ready for painting…..

First step is the primer…   Bushed out the places the roller won’t go and all the patches..  so I can see how they look and if a little touch up is needed before the paint.

And there you have the primer… just the first coat….

And moving right along..  After the second primer coat was dry..  and sanded..  I’ve got a first coat of the white & the gray ..  I’m needing more of the whit so it’s off to Kelowna for more..

Still needs a second coat on both top and bottom.. but you get the idea..  Scamp’s were normally all white.. but not in my shop..  I figured the gray would balance the trailer and it’s neutral enough to be pleasing.

And now with the second coat..  the Scamp is not looking shabby ! So on to the interior painting.  I got some really good paint for that..  But first I’ll need plywood glued behind some of the things like the fridge vent covers, water fill and drains and the electrical hatch.  Reason…  no more rivets..  I’m using stainless steel wood screws.  And they won’t hold in just the fiberglass walls.

Now it’s time for putting things back together…  New post

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