New Yard / ATV trailer (little)

May  23  2020

The one I bought is ok.. just ok.  It is 48 ” long but only 40 ” wide.   I wanted one that was the same width as my ATV.   Solution..  build one.  I have the old axle from the Scamp trailer.  So I bought a set of new 8 ”  wide trailer wheels that fit.

Nice !  but the axle is wayyy too wide.  So I cut 24″ out of the middle. That put the wheels on the same track as my ATV.   I also wanted more clearance for traveling over things in the bush..  So i turned the axle 45 degrees so the arms point down.

Mounted that up to some angle and we have the start of a tiny trailer.  Then build a 4ft x 4ft  frame with steak pockets and that is the size I wanted.

Made a tongue that allows the deck to tilt..  and  there you have a tiny trailer !

Added a stabilizer jack from an old tent trailer, and a new 2″ coupler.  Prefect !  Now I’m painting up some 1/2 ” ply for the floor and sides.

And yes the wood parts are blue… just like the ATV.

I sold it to a neighbour after moving to Alberta.