New 2011 Fun Finder 19ft Trailer

Sept  8  2020

Here we go …  After the family camp this summer we realized the 26 ft Wanderer trailer was a lot for the Avalanche to handle.  When we weighed it on the way home..  after all the food and drinks had been consumed !  the trailer was 500 lbs over what the Avalanche can safely tow.  The decision was made to  put the trailer up for sale. BOOM gone in a few days.  And we will look in the spring for a smaller trailer.   Well this little gem popped up on my radar…

Wow.. it ticked all the boxes we had agreed would be the ideal trailer.  And added a few extras too!  Power awning ! Power stab jacks !  Power tongue jack too !  A full queen bed ..full size fridge.. Pantry…  Best of all big pass-through storage …  Wow.. all this and weighs only 2800 lbs dry..  You can load up another 2500 lbs and still be under weight for the truck.

Had to go to Chilliwack to pick it up from a small dealer..  The price was a bargain for this size trailer.  Especially considering all the extras. Like a TV. The floor plan works for us no wasted space…and consider that we spend most of the time outside…  it works.

This photo shows how small the trailer is..  It’s 6 inches narrower than most travel trailers I don’t need mirror extensions.  Also the hitch needs only a 2 inch ball.  No equalizer setup either..  With only 290 lb tongue weight ans a good balance there is no bounce.

The decor inside is light and bright.  The windows are dark tinted.  We are fairly certain the trailer was not used much..  as everything is like new.

The dinette is small..  but there is only two of us.

This is all we need for a kitchen..  just make coffee and never use the oven.  There is a nice microwave though.

Full size fridge, and plenty of cupboards.  More if we remove the TV.

So the Fun finder is winterized and stored for the winter… early because there won’t be a chance to use it this year..  It takes up very little room in the RV carport.  A few things are on order , like new LED tail lights, LED interior lights,  and the 2 20lb propane tanks are expired, so we will exchange for new ones.