1982 Chevy Frontier Class B

Nov  16  2019

Frontier Class B Wide Body Van Conversion, Model XL820

Here it is!  It’s not new.. and could use a bit of love.  I’ve only had it for a day or two..  The love will have to come next spring, it’s getting late in the season..  And please remember we are 38 years old..  A senior citizen in the world of RV’s. So you have to excuse the rust.. and the retro decals.

Where do I start…..  Not expensive  I bought it with cash.. And yes this will mean we have two RV’s..  But this one has a hitch and I can tow my ATV… or a boat… or anything..  It’s very compact for all the stuff it has… 21 ft from the front of that cow catcher to the back of the bumper.  It’s like a LeSharo that you can actually use / drive..   With a real motor !  In fact we had a heart transplant 30,000 kms ago..  With lot’s of new parts..  It now has new tires too.  and drives great

And here’s the door !  Different !  but it’s a design that works… I like it. The Frontier was made in the Vanguard factory Winfield, BC..  And you will see more of the Vanguard version on the roads ..   Rare yes..  They only made these for a few years before the recession hit the RV industry.  It’s hard to find any info on the web for these…  That will all change with this post.

Here’s the interior.. very typical color scheme for the year BROWN !  The fridge has been replaced..  and the lino is newer..  but the rest is original..  And all in working order..  Just needs a good cleaning..

The floor steps a bit lower in the rear of the camper.. and that’s where you find a small kitchen and a wet bath on the drivers side. There’s a extra counter top you can lift up if you need it.  No oven .. no microwave..   Who uses those things when camping anyway ?  We cook outside.  BUT you do make coffee inside in the morning.

Here’s the biffy..  Works for me.. I’m not likely to use anything but the toilet. But you never say never. It’s very clean ..so nothing to do but change the light to LED.

So lets talk about the Van part of this camper.

That’s typical motor home fair ….  except !!  just a 350 motor.  Yup it’s the tried and true good old 350…  but this is duely  ..so heavy duty trans…  and stuff.  And like I said earlier… new motor 30,000 kms ago.. Work done  in Ontario !  It’s been places for sure… This summer it drove out to Sask and back with no issues.  And it just passed a BC inspection. Look at the interior … it’s almost perfect..  I have not cleaned any of it..   Power locks , power windows, A/C that works..  cruise control, new stereo..  You know I’ll add to that list..  I’m thinking remote locks.. more power plugs…  back up camera…a digital volt meter for battery condition.. just to start..

Nov 17 th 2019:

Today I gathered up some ambition and plugged the Camper in to my 30 amp.  Everything works as it should..  But the extra furnace is  a bus heater that works from the motor heat. And I think works using the wall thermostat.  For sure it powers up when the van is running.    The RV propane furnace works great..  As expected the new 2 way fridge works..  I found the pump and water tank under the sofa..  Tank is empty and there is antifreeze in the water lines…  But just to be sure I ran another jug through…. No problems.  No leaks ! It’s all good and it’s time to put the Frontier away for the winter.

The tarp is extra insurance.  Not really needed but what the hey..  I feel better with it on cause I did not install the vent covers..  One or both of the vents will be replaced in the spring with better quality ones.. The current ones have plastic frames. And I’m thinking a power vent will be a good thing to install.   The Frontier (like most) is wired for a rooftop A/C unit..  I have one, but I don’t think it’s needed.  Going to find out this coming summer.

I’m going through all my collection of stuff for RV’s, And making a war chest for the Frontier for next spring..  Here’s some of the stuff:

What do ya know I have the remote locking stuff…  with two fobs!  I have lots of LED lights , switches, USB charge ports, and a host of other goodies to make life easier while camping.

I’ve had the motor antifreeze beefed up and checked..  Last thing I want is for that to freeze over the winter.  As soon as I get my new GoPro camera I’ll be posting some videos… if we are not buried in snow.  But first one made with the old camera….

And it looks good..  I expect the new GoPro to be even better.  There’s a screen on the back so stuff won’t be missing from the shot.

We were thinking about the sleeping arrangements ..  So I went out and pulled the sofa into the bed.  Not big enough for two.. so the dinette will be used as well.. and what do you know!  There’s room to walk between.. nice  The spare tire was blown… really bad..  So I have a new tire coming.. and because the other six are new this year too.. it will be a perfect match.

Now I have a rim with no tire… And you betcha I got to paint it..  One hubcap is missing …and I’m not crazy about them.. Kinda feel like I would loose more over time…  So I’ll paint the rims instead.

And NOT RV white !  This is my concoction I mixed up..  Half Aluminum half grey… and a dash of black.  Nice!  This is the only wheel I can paint this year..  The others will get this treatment next spring… And here it is with the new tire installed.

And that’s all till spring when the time is right for fixin up…

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