2003 Rally 200 QUAD

Aug 28 2016

Seamed like a good idea !

This is a photo from the web..  Same yellow Rally..  just all together.

This is the one I bought.  The foot well was taken of to better access the motor.   A bunch of other bits are in a box too.  But it’s all there, and this was a running quad before the valve decided to say hello to the piston.  Tires are worn .  .. but holding air.   The plastics are great, the seat has some stitching coming apart on one side.   Everything else seams to be in fine shape.  So I’m thinking it’s worth fixing the motor..

2003  vs 2005

Bombardier made the Rally 200 for a few years only.  Designed as an entry level quad with some big quad features.   Water cooled 4 stroke Rotax motor,  hydraulic disc brakes.  CVT drive .  These are good stuff to have.  2003 was the first year, and the design was pretty cool for then.   Instead of racks they molded in trays front and back.  I like that.. but they quickly went back to racks the next year ?   also the 2003 has a manual disc brake on the transmission .. and the 2005 has a hydraulic disc on the rear axle.   Some little changes like moving the key and indicator lights up on a handle bar pod.   Later I will take some photos of the two side by side..

It’s later !  Here’s the two together.  See the wheel size.   Which changes the height a bit.   The racks make the red one look much taller.

So there are no plans for this quad YET..   I parked it and covered it in a safe place for now…

February 26 2017:

It’s seams impossible to find the top motor parts to repair the motor..  They just don’t make that size motor anymore and no one has even a used motor..  It is said that these are a weak motor and easily drop a valve.  SO I have another plan.


1994 Yamaha Timber Wolf 250 4×4

This sad quad has been hanging out in the yard waiting to see if it’s worth fixing..   And there is one big question ?  Does the motor run ?  So we dragged in into the shop..  I removed all the wheels , plastics and racks.  Today I’ll clean the carb,  check the wiring and see if we have at least a motor..  Well it runs.. but not well enough to go through all the work to transplant the motor.   so back to trying to get the motor parts.

Update : Years later… I finally got tired of the Rally 200 so I sold it cheap.