2005 Bombardier Rally 200 Quad

Aug 16 2016

Well this came up for sale ..  at what I’m going to say was a very good price..  Seems not to much interest because it’s a two wheel drive Quad.

So what !  It runs great..  Has NO damage .  Aside from 4 wheel drive .. it has all the good stuff.  4 stroke 200 cc water cooled motor. CVT drive.  three hydraulic disc brakes.  newish tires.  Above is the photo in my yard before I even cleaned it..   It’s not perfect.. there are things to do.  The battery needed to be charged.. the racks need new paint.  and they have by-passed the starter solenoid with a big button ?  So I’m going to take a few days and go over the Rally and adjust … fix …  and add a few goodies.

Into the shop and start removing bits and pieces..  So far I’ve got a list of things that need fixing and things that bug me.  And one thing that I did not see at first..  :

  • The front brake reservoir window is missing.  Therefore no fluid .. no front brakes !
  • That hokey start button..  it’s wired directly to the starter, bypassing the solenoid.  Why ?
  • The foam air filter is shot..  I’ll make a new one.
  • The front clip on the seat is loose.  You can lift the seat there.
  • Battery could be bad..
  • The chain needs to be adjusted.
  • The rear wheels ..  they have been mounted backwards to make the wheels wider ?  not needed…  Kids !

It’s not that big considering the price we paid.  The first thing I did was cosmetic.. I removed the racks .. sanded them and welded a hook on each end.

There’s no plans to put a winch on this quad.  And the paint was all scratched of the front and back bars.. so I installed these hooks to use for pulling on.

Then the four pieces got a new gray paint job.   I removed even more parts from the Rally so I can get to some of the cleaning and wiring.  Because first on my mind was the hard wired start button.  I needed to know what was wrong with the factory start button.  So I took it apart and found a broken solder connection. Simple fix.   Meanwhile I’ve had the battery on charge .. three times and it tests out just on the verge of bad..  so a new battery was bought.. something we thought was going to happen anyway.  Ok a little “pimpin”  while things are apart.

What to do with that hole where the start button was ?  A horn button of coarse..  And why not a power plug too.  !

Routing the wires is easy when this much of the quad was apart.

And lets not forget the all important LED running light.

I’ve got the quad all back together now..  Replaced the window in the brake reservoir,  Found out the chain has been adjusted to the limit.. so maybe a new chain.   The rear wheels have to stay as they are ..  the rims are not the original ones.. so the offset is too much inward if you turn them around.   New battery installed.  New foam air filter.  I even replaced the gas line.  I don’t like those clear hoses.  It’s running good.

And Mo is liking the new ride..  just the right fit for her..   Remember the chain had a lot of play.. I bought a new chain.. made it the proper size and it fits perfect ..  with the adjustment set back.  So it will be easy to take up any slack.   We now have a 100% working quad.   Time to take it out for a run..

While I was looking for parts for the 2005 Rally, I came across a 2003 Rally being sold very cheap.   The motor had a broken valve which also wrecked the piston.   It looks fixable.. so I bought it and brought it home… See the new post  2003 Rally HERE.

Sept 28 2016… and we finally got to take out the two quads.. mostly to see if Mo likes this as a activity..   we had NO troubles.. BUT she feels that this is not her “thing”…  so she want’s to sell it ..  no need for two..