Small Tilt Deck Trailer

Aug 2016:

Realizing that ramps were not working good for lawn tractors.. I needed a small tilt deck trailer that could be towed by the Carry.  This all was before I sold the Carry.

I bought this off a fella for $100.  a few months back.  It’s an old tent trailer frame.  Which does not tilt,  the tongue is a little bent, but the wheels and springs are like new..

And it has new lights !  BUT it’s seven feet wide..  I want the trailer to be only five feet wide.  So time for some mods.

Here’s the frame after removing the wood.  There is jack stands on all four corners.. Some are bent up, but all of them haft to go.  I can use the bits I cut off to make the frame a bit stronger.   I need the rear to be tapered and slim so it comes close to the ground when tilted.  So I’m cutting off the rear bumper.  The main frame is four feet wide. The wheels are another eight inches on both sides.  So I will need narrow fenders..  and the lights will have to move forward so they don’t hit the ground.

Cut Cut Cut .. Weld Weld Weld…

I plan as I go.  And so far it looks good.. I fear I’m adding more weight with all the extra metal..   But I don’t want a flimsy trailer.

I moved the axle to the top of the springs..  and that lowered the trailer by 4 or 5 inches.  Now I’m concerned that the deck will hit the wheels..  Once I flip it back over I will see.

This took awhile to figure out..  and a few trips to the metal stash to find the right bits.  But I got it.. very “over built ” tilt system for the hitch tongue.  Then I flipped the trailer back on it’s wheels and could see two things..   The wheels are close to the deck..  So maybe small shallow fenders?  And the deck is just a touch heavier on the front so it won’t stay in the tilt position.   I was thinking of all kinds of ways to fix this..  adding weight to the rear.. no..   Finally I thought to tighten the hinge bolt  !  Now it stays wherever you put it.

Here’s a view of the hinge.  I purposely located it forward of the axle so the deck would drop down..  DUH.. the real hinge point is the wheels.   So with the bolt tight things work fine.

Here’s the right side up view of my pin and pocket for the tongue.  Very sturdy..   There’s a few more things to do before the deck wood goes back on..  Like these…

Tail light holders !   And a mount for the hand winch…

Yes a hand winch will sit atop this platform.  Keep it simple and light ..   I’ve got the tongue all fixed up with a spare tire mount a hoop for the safety chain..   And I used the best jack stand  and welded it on the bottom of the tongue ..  CAUSE I CAN.

Looks like this now..  The jack stand is adjustable for height and folds up to the tongue.  The wiring is done too.

So now we have lights..   Oh and here’s what the winch looks like.

Just needs bolts and the strap… simple.   So I’m ready for the plywood to go back on..

It’s a perfect 5 ft x 8 ft.  and I had enough of the plywood .  I also mounted the tie down rails that were in the box of the Carry.   So it’s all done !

It’s sits level hooked up to the little truck.  Good

And tilts nicely to the ground with only a 3/4 ” lip

A winch for the dead tractors & spare.. We are styln…  I have the registration now and a new plate.  Like everything else at time I sold the little trailer..