1989 Suzuki Carry mini truck Page 4

Aug 2016:

The Extra Stuff:

That makes the little guy mine..  OR.. Rob’s creative corner..  where I “pimp” my ride.  I’ve already done some “pimpin”  like the keyless locks, the new stereo.  But.. I’ve got all the supplies to build a covered canopy for the back.  Also I’ve got a new winch, the wiring and the metal for building a plug-in winch / bush bar.

Here’s is some of the stuff for the winch set up.  The winch will be mounted to a hitch extension.  This allows for a snow plow to still be plugged in..  or whatever ?  This winch could be used on any vehicle with a 2 ” receiver.  It will be operated by wireless remote, and just needs power.

And this is what I’ve come up with.  looks a bit strange, but it’s designed to ….  1 – not hide the front license plate.   2- not sick out from the truck any further that necessary.  3- bush bar side extensions are plug-in and can be removed.   The roller fair head mounts to the front, and of coarse you can still plug in a hitch.

Aug 2016:

Well I’ve put about 100 or more kms on the little bugger..  and there is a tiny oil leak .. I think from the oil filter..  Everything was on hold while we had our Camping / family reunion..  And the Carry was there..

But not pulling the fifth wheel..   Before I get back to finishing the Carry up..  I need my little trailer built so I can fetch tractors with the Carry..   So I’m pausing to do that …

Small Tilt Trailer

So I’m in no hurry to do those extras like the winch..  I’m using the truck every day for work..  I’ve done a new oil change and that fixed the little leak.  Checked the timing , the hoses.. everything is good.  And it’s running good too.   This weekend my little truck will be in the car show at the City Park..

Here it is..  no prizes..  However someone saw it that wanted to buy it from me..  And a month later I have sold my little truck to a very happy guy.   So on Sept  27 th 2016 I watched it drive away.. Going to miss it for sure.. was really handy.  But time to move on..As I always do..