2014 Polaris RZR 570

Jan  27  2019

I did it !

Traded in my much loved 400 quad for a side by side of the same vintage.   A 2014 Polaris RZR 570 trail !   Perfect..  even the nice blue I liked and choose when I bought my Quad.

Nice looking !  I’m very happy to put this in my garage..  The 570 is the perfect size..  Plenty of power but still good on fuel..  AND this is the trail version.. which is only 50 inches wide..  2 inches more that the quad.  That means the it fits on ALL the trails I ride on AND carries a second person.  AND more stuff.

I plan to make a custom box for the back.. with a lid to keep all that stuff dry and secure.  But before I get too much into plans for Pimping this ride..  let’s talk about what I don’t have to change..

This is the loaded RZR 570..  called the LE model.  And it comes with options like power steering, engine braking and nice alloy wheels.  All things I like and would choose.  NOW let’s thank the previous owner for adding the other things I like..  a roof , a windshield,  bush bar, 3500 lb winch, a horn..  and Turn signals?  yup LED turn signals.  The dealer added new tires , belt and a clutch kit … and we are good to go!.   So what else could I possibly add ?   Well lots !  Let’s start with a rear view mirror.  A must have.  and a bag that fits between the seats and holds your lunch…and other goodies where you can get to them.  Then I need my GPS mount and a second 12 power outlet for that.


What about more lights !  I like to have daytime running lights…  safety first !   And below them are the rear lights I will install..  Just in case.  I ordered a nice switch for those..  ( haven’t used the running lights yet )

And once again … just in case.. you never know..  Although highly unlikely…  A Sasquatch light ..

Ok..  it could come in handy as just a very bright light for tunnels and other dark places.  Most people call them a light bar.. LED of coarse. There’s a nice place on the bush bar for it..   OK that should do it.. Can’t think of anything else right now..  NO I don’t want a stereo in my ATV.. I want to hear the animals as they run screaming..  Actually the motor makes enough noise and I value my hearing.  I will post more in the spring when I install all these goodies..

It’s spring !   And I’m really wanting to get out and put this wonderful machine through it’s paces.  I can carry it in my truck..  I got some nice aluminum ramps for that.   But I really want a trailer to pack it around..  Found the “almost” perfect one..   And here’s a post I started for it..   ATV Trailer.

So I’ve been for several rides now…  I have all the goodies installed and love this ATV..

This is my LED light bar…  and boy does it work well.. already used it on a late night ride.

This is my LED back up light…

And here’s the trunk..  excellent at keeping things clean and safe.