ATV Trailer

April  1  2019

It’s Spring !

This was the photo in the ad for a trailer that I could make better.   We settled on a price without the boat loader.. I have no use for that.  I’ve been looking for a wide, low flat deck trailer for a while …even considering building one from scratch.  And this one is as close to perfect as I’m going to get..

My friend was going to Kelowna …so he picked it up for me.   Tows great just the way it is.. The rack did not come with it .

And here’s what I got..   12 ” wheels, EZ lube hubs, LED tail lights, Swivel jack, new 2″ hitch and 2×6 treated wood deck..   All good stuff to start with.   This trailer started life as a double jet ski trailer.  I started by cleaning up the tongue.

I removed the step and the plastic grate . Don’t need those.  Then I replaced the safety chain and re- routed the wires through the tongue tube.

Nice and tidy now…   Oh and extra bolt in the coupler makes me feel better too.  Next the wheels.

The white rims look good but the tires were only rated at 880 lbs each…  too close for me.. These 12″ on black rims are more robust.. rated at 1200 lbs each..  And they are new !

I finally got the shop back .. Cleaned it out..   Now the trailer can be modified.

The first thing… remove the decking so I can add more framing for extra strength.

The next thing… add more length for the RZR..  this works great.. the front wheels park on this.

And then a support for the new mesh loading ramp.

Painted with the decking back on and the LED tail lights..  and we are good to go…  I used the trailer like this before getting the ramp built.

And it works great..  And I got the mesh ramp built too !

Now no need for those other ramps..  And that’s a wrap…