1992 Trave-L-Mate Fifth Wheel Trailer

Sept 16 2014:

I know.. can’t tow two RV’s ..and where do I store a second one anyway..  However when it’s FREE.. .and my Nephew was going to need a place to sleep while reno’s are happening … then you say YES !

A friend and long time customer of Mo’s .. husband got ill and has been in the hospital for a few years now .. she sold the house and is moving to a condo… also getting too old for towing a trailer around.  all those things and then the roof got a leak…She just wanted it gone.   The whole trailer is in great shape except the roof.. In fact it’s a very deluxe trailer..  all the goodies you need for “Glamping”

I also got the hitch.. and I’ll mount that in my truck..   Free stuff does not come without work.. and so the roof needs to be peeled back and repairs done.. That will be next spring.  For now  we will tarp it for the winter and deal with it next year.

A new Chevy 2500..

We decided that a more reliable truck would work better.  I bought this one before I quit the car lot..  This truck came equipped to pull trailers. Even has the fifth wheel hitch installed..   Also has the heavy duty Allison Transmission and a 8.1 L 399 hp V8.   It’s a big truck ..  the quad goes in the back with room to spare.

Well it’s June 2015 and I’ve got the Fifth wheel in the Franknport  to get the roof fixed.  It’s taken a few weeks just to remove all the vents ,  A/C  and the trim from the roof.   I’ve now rolled up the aluminum roof..

The roll of tin.  not going back on.

Well you find out quickly how bad things are once the aluminum is off.  It’s still wet under the metal..  even after months of no rain getting on the roof.  Quite a bit of the plywood is de-  laminating .

I’ve got about half the roof off.. the rotten half.  Once I’m done with the demolition I will clean up …then it’s construction time !

July 5 2015:

The Roof is completely cleaned off.  The mess is gone… and we are ready  to build a new roof.

I have all my supplies :  new rubber roof/ glue,  New fridge vent & cover, new plumbing vent.  Maxair covers for the roof vents.    I also have enough 2×6 treated lumber for the rafters.. And because I don’t want the roof to sag ever again..   I’m custom cutting all the rafters to be arched on top.. Thicker in the middle where it’s needed.   I’m building in 4 ft x 8ft panels so they can be lifted into place easy.

I have now got four of the five sections in place..  Only the rear one is screwed down..  Once they are all up I’ll attach them with ceramic coated screws.. they won’t rust or react with the treated wood.

A thing of beauty..  There is finish strips for the seams, lights and vents..   The big whole is for the A/C unit .  I laid the tin roof out and copied the location of all the vents and A/C..  fudged just a bit on some to get the right spacing on the rafters.  But it’s all back the same .. Minus the skylight..  and the TV antenna.

The whole roof is on now..  Interior I mean.  and most of the finishing inside is done as well. Like this new light I added to the living room..  It’s close to the kitchen so it benefits from some extra light.  The wires went across the roof anyway so why not add a light.  The new ceiling is a brighter white as well, making it far less dark.


I now have all the insulation done and today I got the 1/4 ”  ply on the roof.

Getting there.

And here’s the 1/4″ Ulay ply installed..  lots of screws..  5 sheets did the whole roof.   You can really see the slight curve in the roof..   Now to glue the rubber on.

July 19 2015:

Well … Git R Done..  and with only a week to spare..   So close to a finish..   The wrinkles are ok..  you should never stretch the roof..   and I was working with a fast drying glue..   As you can see all the vent’s, covers and the A/C is back where they belong..  All the trim is back too..  Just some fiberglass repair and a bead of RV sealant left and we are ready for whatever mother nature can throw at the roof.

Well the Fiver can come out to play now..  Install the fridge and give the plumbing the once over.

Update … Well after a few years the roof leaked again at the rear this time.. And no matter what we tried we could not stop the leaking.  The damage was done so it’s not being used and destined for scrap.  SAD.