2014 Polaris Sportsman 400 NEW

Aug 26 2014:

Time for a new Quad.  Everything came together .. I sold the 300 Polaris… These were on sale till the end of Aug.  Very low financing rate..  If I take good care of it … should last me a long time.

New And Blue !

Here’s what it looks like without the extras.  I’m adding a few goodies.


Here’s what it looks like in my shop after a quick trip to get it.   I am thrilled ..  brand new .  Because I’m enjoying quading so much..  and the older one was… old..  and would always need help.  This is going to be a pleasure to ride..  can’t wait till Sunday.  I need to attach the accessories I got .. the photo above shows the new bag I have..

Last night I got all the goodies mounted up..  A railing around the rear rack, My new three compartment bag and the mirrors.

I also mounted the LED brake light .. but I need to figure out the wiring to hook it up.  And I had to cut slots in the rack to run the hold down straps for the bag through.  A draw back for a big flat rack.. but with the padding in my bag and that flat surface..  things I put in the bag will stay protected.  Plenty of room for my little gas can too.

When you add all this front storage .. I have way more than I need.  This is a cool feature of the Sportsman,  dry, hidden and lockable.  I don’t like anything on the front rack to block my view so this is nice to have.

The mirrors are fold away and very rugged..  I’m hoping that they work well and I don’t grow to hate them..  On lots of rides there is always someone behind you.. and I like to check to see that they are still there..   Compared to the 300 the body of the 400 is way wider.. the fenders cover the wheels and then some..  The foot wells are huge.  I could wear shorts & sandals… but I wont.  The quad is quite a bit higher too.. but that’s because we are now riding on 12 ” wheels not 8″  and the clearance under the 400 is close to 12″  wow.  I also think that at 688 lbs we are now more than 200 lbs heavier.  That should translate to a better ride.

I could not resist at least one pimp…  I found these in one of many  boxes of goodies from the motor home.  LED marker lights that you can change the color..  Red, green, yellow.. but Blue is cool.   I was nosing around under the access panel to the fuses and found two auxiliary power wires..  They would be for things like hand warmers.  So I used one..  Also noticed the wires are in place for a winch.  And yes I’ve got a winch.. 4000 lb one is now on the front..

I’ve been on no less than 8 rides now..  20 hrs on the meter..  and I love this quad..  so smooth..  quiet..  so far reliable.

Jan. 2019:   After enjoying this quad for years I traded it for a 2014 RZR 570..  same color of blue..   Post is HERE