2004 CHEVY 2500HD long box

March 2015

Let’s not put the cart before the horse..  This truck was important at the time we were selling the Jayco and buying the Challenger fifthwheel.  This is just one of many vehicles that came from ABH car sales while I worked there. It came with the fifthwheel hitch.

You could tow anything …really anything.  The biggest gas engine 8.1 L Workhorse power train.

Such nice condition !  I kept this truck till 2019.

It’s in so many of my “go fetch” photos. Many tips to the coast. And many trips hauling other fifthwheels like the one above.

Or how about the Acorn / Scamp trailer all the way from Sunshine coast.

Sad to see it go… but I wasn’t using as much in 2019.