White Yamaha Scooter (Fix-up) Now Blue

A Second Scooter for the shop.:
1982 Yamaha CV80
80 cc
5440 KMs

I’m not going to count the parts machine as a Scooter.. it’s just a bunch of parts…. which will be very handy for getting this new one on the road again. So this I will call the second scooter, and it came to me NOT running.. BUT this is a complete Scooter, with registration..and with a few extra goodies . Another front fairing with a windscreen, and a nice lockable trunk box for the back.  And upon a closer look .. almost perfect body parts..  I say “almost” cause it’s missing just a few trim pieces, and I found two small cracks.

And why was it not running ?

This is what I found…  A 12 volt battery was installed in the trunk ? not the proper place.. not the proper battery. The Scoot has a 6 volt system and fortunately the 12 volt battery did no harm except to have possibly  burnt out the start light.. So with the proper battery it turned over nicely ( but won’t start) and there is lots of spark.  Electrical stuff ruled out..

So I moved my attention to the fuel stuff.. the carburetor.  I suspected this first, but it’s easy to check the spark and rule that out.  After I removed all three covers and poked around a bit to see that the hoses are all hooked up proper ( I have studied the hose routing carefully) Yup it’s all there.. dirty but it’s all there.  So I pulled the fuel line off to see if the petcock is working.. yup there is lots of fuel to the carb. So a dirty / plugged carb is most likely the problem.  But that’s no problem for me.. ..The other day I rebuilt / cleaned the carb from the parts scooter.. and so I simply swapped the carbs.  And that did it ! fired right up.. ran great.  So I put more air in the tires and off down the road I went.. It’s raining so just a short trip.. plenty of power too.   WE HAVE A WINNER !

When I got back to the shop I tried all the lights and the horn.. they work fine.. It looks like the speedo and fuel gauge are working good too..

So I need a plan..

And here’s what I would like to do..  New tires, New drive belt, New battery,  New flasher relay, New paint…new Color ! and of coarse all this means a tear down and cleaning.  The complete “ROB” treatment.. I love this stuff.. now that I know it runs I want to get at it.. I have lots of spare parts to choose the best ones from.. I have a near perfect seat.. new looking brake shoes, good cables. So away we go…..

The Rebuild…

What can I say.. I’m a cleaning nut.. So I’m stripping down the scooter.. and tomorrow I’ll take the greasy parts to the solvent tank.  The body parts will get a bath with “Superclean” degreaser.  Same way I cleaned the red CV80.

What’s left on the scoot will get a Degreaser bath as a whole.. before I remove the motor & drive.  I’ve removed the Gas & oil tanks , carb (it’s already clean) , muffler and cooling shrouds from the motor, air box and the electrical stuff from the rear… This evening I cleaned the dash gauges and replaced the burnt out bulb, tested the others. I cleaned the front flashers , and while I was in a cleaning mode I cleaned the carb that wasn’t working.. Found the float to be way out of adjustment. So it should still be good and used again.

Stuff I’ve found so far:  The front brake cable is seized.. I have a good one.  The carb was in need of a bath & adjustment. Done.

For reasons unknown I could not log into my Blog and keep current… all is good now. so I’ll catch up … cause I got a lot done.

As I said I’ve been busy taking every part and cleaning them.. in the case of these switches ..improving them.. cleaning the contacts and applying my electrical grease.

Here’s a photo of the pile of parts & pieces that I’ve cleaned and made ready for re-assembly.  I ‘ve done painting all the pieces that are black .. I use a satin black paint that is for bumper’s & trim.. great product.

This is the fork after it’s rebuild.  Carefully greased and repainted.

Well “Bahama” blue to be more precise.. I told you I would change the color !  No more white.  This color looks great with the satin black.

Shinny… Yes.. I love what the clear coat does for a paint job..  As soon as the parts are completely cured.. it’s time for putting things back together.  But not until we do a little extra with some pin striping..

Check out the side panels ..and the decals I made.. plus black pin stripes… Looks “factory”

It arrived in the mail !

I’ve got the highly coveted European “Hercules”   tail light. Read more about this in the Red CV80’s Blog.  They never came with North American CV 80’s. now I can shave those ugly lights off of the rear rack. You can see in the photo the white piece that would be used instead.  Total Upgrade !

I had a problem with the paint on the fender.. my bad .. I tried to add satin black to the bottom.. and in the process ruined that paint.. So I had to sand off the bad and repaint the fender.. here it is all fixed up with the clear on.. nice !  Next step pin stripes..  Really close to putting things back together..

I’ve got the front all together now.. minus the wheel..  need new tires first.  Note: the front brake cable is no longer hanging on the outside of the fairing. Check the photo at the top of the post !

The “BELUGA” is now gold as per theme.. used to be chrome.  I sure hate those “after thought” turn lights.. they are a sloppy fit. To get the flush ones like they had in Japan would be awesome..  but they are hard to come by.   Robeye Restore.. you bet. I want to sticker my best work.

Sunday Nov. 24, 2013

Today I got quite a bit done.. It really isn’t hard to put things back together when it was only a week or so that you took it apart.  And I’ve done this before..

As you can see most of it is done..  I just put the sides on for the photo..  I’ve got to solve the problem of missing edge pieces for the front fairing.. Then I can put the front all together..  I tested the electrical all out and seams fine.

Need the rack on to make it more complete.

This scooter in looking “spiffy” The blue and the satin black look so nice together.  The turn lights work way better with the new electronic relay.  May still spring for those LED lights !  I got some black door edge trim  from the auto parts store and it works great to replace the missing trim on the front.

The blue scoot is all together now .. runs good.. so I ran the fuel out of the carb.. and moved it to the basement for safe storage till spring.  Only one thing that seamed not working good was the fuel gauge..(stuck on full)  so I’ll check that out in the spring. Most likely a simple fix… I plan on using the blue scooter next year..

Any updates to this posting will be on my new BLOG… HERE