2004 Polaris Sportsman 400 Quad

May 15 2022

The price was right and it came with extra parts quad.

It runs …it drives ..  But there are a few issues, like no brakes, and some electrical gremlins.  Probably bad connections.  We fix.  The plastics are faded. And the bush bar is a little bent.  The factory winch works, and the tires are good.  Someday I’ll bring it in the garage and look after these things.. What I really needed was the wiring harness that the parts one had.  That harness with / should bring my 2005 back from the dead.

Here’s the parts frame.  I’ve since removed the wheels , wiring and the handle bar.  And I put it on a pallet so I can move it easily.

So this 2004  yellow 400 is just to hold me over till I get the 2005 going..  I’m not sure when that will be, hope it happens this year..  So I’m going to put some effort into the yellow 2004 one to bring it up to my standards .  Here’s what I see is needed..

Wiring:  bad grounds and possible corroded connections.  I noticed the head lights are dim. and the kill switch isn’t working.

Check brakes, hubs and all bushings and bearings:  Just cause !

Plastics:  I’ll remove all the plastics and repair and polish them..  Make it pretty again.  Repaint the rims too.  And fix the bush bar.

And with the garage all organized and clean..   In comes the 400 to look after those things..  First thing remove the front rack and the bush guard and front trim.  Need to get a good look at the wiring..  I also removed the handle bars so I could tweak the the mounting plate a tad.  The bars and nacile had a bit of a tilt to the left.

While the guard was off …why not give it some fresh paint and bang the kinks out.

I was able to find the bad wire and now it starts and stops with the key..  Cleaned a lot of connections too.  Next I need to remove all the plastics.. this is were I find the broken bits.. But let’s start a new page