2009 Avalanche LTZ page 3

Feb 7 2022

Fix’n Time :

Getting warm out so lets see what we can do.  First off I wasn’t happy with some of the work the detail guy did..  Carpets are good and the headliner too.  But he dropped the ball on the seats..  So I gave them another go..  !

Just got to scrub a little harder..  Then I used some leather conditioner / protector.  Nice…  I then used the decal kit for the HVAC controls..

Again… Nicer..  Once I get all the bits for the stereo install I can get that done.

I did find the passenger side running board at a wrecking yard in Calgary.  It’s a good thing Albert-in’s crash a lot.

Also grabbed a good driver’s side tail light.  The other one on the vehicle is cracked.  These won’t be changed till the painting is done. And speaking of that…. I’m getting quotes from small body shops. We will see how that goes..

Update: May 2022

I now have a guy who will do all the body work and painting .  Local too.  He’s got the parts I bought..and soon the Avalanche too.

Future Me :  None of that worked out I drove the Avalanche till March 2024 As is ..  Then got tired of the repairs and sold it..