2004 Polaris 400 Page 2

May 21 2022

Cleaning and Fixing !

This is a bad gash in the top of the speedo pod.  I’m thinking chainsaw..  Can’t for the life of me figure out how one would do such a thing.  But I’ve had more than my share of head scratches.  Look how faded the yellow is..  I’ve tried the wet sanding method..  But this goes deep. I have a solution for that gash I’ll show later.

With the plastics off everything got a good bath.  Now I can thoroughly inspect the drive line and suspension.  And I found some loose stuff, and some things that need replacing.

Like the front brake pads.  This one was beyond wore out !  Tie rod ends are toast as well …So I have some parts coming. While waiting I started work on a boat trailer .   And I did some work on the bush guard and winch.

Cleaned up the winch, breathed new life into the fair- lead rollers.  Some were not turning at all.  And here’s what the yellow top of the light pod looks like now.

The gash was filled with epoxy and I used the heat gun method to deal with the fading.  Not perfect but does work 50% sorta thing..  Once I get my parts I’ll service the front hubs, bleed the brakes and tighten anything I find needs it.  Then I’ll move on to the rear wheels. The brakes are now working great and a new bearing installed on the left rear hub.  We tried and tried the start the quad..  no luck … what’s up it was running..  Best thing to do is park it and wait till I’m in the new shop..  And then do some more tinkering.  It’s a spark issue..

Oct 2022:

Well I’ve had the time to set the shop up ..  And evaluate what I’m doing this winter.  I’ve decided not to tinker with the quads.  I want to clean out the whole shop and work on my Avalanche.  So I have sold both to a nice guy who is a mechanic..  I will be replacing both with a new one …  Here’s the start of a new post:

2013 Polaris Sportsman 500HO