1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 8 Windows

Feb 7 2023

Thank goodness there is only four !

Because dismantling and cleaning each window is quite the process.  And then a new frame for the inside needs to be made and painted.  I started with the front window..  One day I took it apart and cleaned all the silicone off and installed new gaskets.  This window and the rear missing parts to be able to open them.  Those parts are very hard to get , so for now  I will fix those shut.  I’m all set up with the table saw and the wood.  So lets make window frames !

First the front window because the top and bottom wood is 3 ” wide.  All the other frame pieces will be 2″ wide.  I bought 1 x 6 spruce and ripping them to this size.  There’s only an inch of waste that will come in handy later for the cabinets.  These frames are biscuit joined with glue and clamped.  Run the sander over and prime the frame.

When the primer is dry I install the frame in the trailer.  I use #6 flat head wood screws countersunk so they are flush to clamp the frames in place.

Very discrete. The screws will be hidden behind the window mounting flange.  Ad to that the window mounting screws will make the sandwiching stronger.


This proved the best way to do this on the 1976 Surfside ..so don’t mess with something that works.  I’ll clean those dirty finger prints before I paint the frames with the same paint as the walls.  This is the front window, and it’s just sitting in place.  So far it’s the only one I have spent the hours taking apart and cleaning.

And this is the mess on the rest of the windows that I have to clean off the frame.  Lots and lots of silicone ! I got the last inside window frame made and installed.  Also today I gave them a coat of paint.

And then came the tedious task of taking the rest of the windows apart and cleaning every piece.  But it needs to be done. Got a bit burnt out so I took a break for a few weeks half way through.  It’s now the beginning of March  and I’m  installing the windows in the trailer..  They are shiny clean with new gaskets, and only the two side  windows open.

My black insert trim has arrived so that finishes off the windows nicely.

So 99% of the exterior is done.  Even the porch light !  There’s still the front window cover and the drip guard over the door.  And with that news it’s time to work on the interior cabinets…  New Page.

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